How do you repair a hole in a shirt?

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patch it or take to a tailor
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How do you repair a hole in asphalt?

Answer . Asphalt patch can be bought in bags or buckets at most lumber stores and builder's supplies. Many hardware stores also carry it. Follow the directions for it wh

How can i repair a small hole in a basketball?

This technique works well with minute punctures. The bare essentials to perform this operation are a small sachet of super-glue(per leak), like Feviquick, and a disposable syr

How do you repair a hole in the wall?

You can have the following steps to fix the holes in the wall: . 1. Clean up the hole; remove any debris or remaining paper from the holes. . 2. Form the hole in a symmetric

Why is it good to have holes in your t-shirts?

It probably is not a good thing to have holes on your t-shirts. But, one advantage, would be more fresh air cooling you. You can feel the breeze better. but for the riddl

Can you repair the holes in the ozone layer?

Yes The Ozone layer can be repaired naturally, but this will take many years. While we wait for this, the ozone layer can be repaired artificially using the research procedure

How is a hole in your heart repaired?

This is done through performing cardiac surgery, closing the foramen with sutures. It is not done for all "holes", just those which are compromising heart function.

How do you repair a hole in my wall?

If it's small, fill it with mud (drywall compound. ) or caulk like Alex ll. If large, make a backing patch from spare drywall and fit into the hole, hold it with 2 screws, the

How can you repair holes from an iron sheet?

Do you mean in an iron sheet? It is possible to fusion weld a hole in an iron sheet - panel beaters do it every day, but it takes skill. For the amateur, soldering would be an