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How do you say hello in the ancient greek language?

There are two ways to say hello in Ancient Greek depending on how many people you are greeting. The Ancient Greek word for saying hello to one person is pronounced ki-re (th

How do you say beautiful in ancient Greek?

There are several words meaning beautiful. My favorite is Kalos (καλός). (Just because,) Beautiful = Youthful, the upright translation of "Beautiful" is ΕΦΗΒΟΣ (pr

How do you say ancient in Greek?

The words that mean ancient are archaeos, archaea, archaeo and in Greek αρχαίος, αρχαία, αρχαίο.

Who where the ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greeks were citizens living in Greek city-state.It had its Greek civilization. -Greek civilization start:It was developed around the Aegean region in about 3000B

Who were the ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greeks were the people of Greece and who migrated from Greece to other parts of the Mediterranean, including Cyprus, Crete, Asia Minor, Sicily, and especially Sout

How do you say jack in ancient Greek?

It is the same as how we say it in English: Jack. It is not spelt with a capital though, unless it is on it's own. Use a capital after a - or another word. Only use a capital

Why are Ancient Greeks called ancient Greeks?

They called themselves Hellenes.    As the Romans spread down the Italian peninsula they ran into a  tribe called the Graeci. As they went further, they ran into a lot

What does theory of pangenesis by ancient Greeks say?

Hippocrates and other Greeks came up with the theory of "pangenesis". This theory states that, during sexual intercourse, miniature body parts are transferred - these componen