How do you say the word deep in french?

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deep is 'profond, profonde' in French.
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How do you say the word person in french?

It depends on the context of the sentence but usually it is 'une personne' (human being). Ex. Which PERSON are you talking about? De quelle PERSONNE parlez-vous?. A variation could be: 'un personnage' (an important individual). For example, the official is a very important person. Ce fontionnaire (MORE)

How to say the word 'the' in French?

French has a different article for genders, in the singular form ("la", "le"). For the plural, it's "les". Fem .: the house = la maison > the houses = les maisons M. : the book = le livre > the books = les livres Also, when the word starts with a vowel, it's always an "l" with an apo (MORE)

How do you say bad words in french?

baisez vous I think that means kiss you. Here are some real ones Merde=Sword Merde De Taureau ou Taureau Merde (I am actually not sure about this) might be BSword I have heard there is no exact equivalent for the Fword, but I am not sure (they did not teach this in French class) Go to France a (MORE)

How do you say the word you in french?

It depends on the context, actually: either tu, toi, or t' ... Do you love me? -- Tu m-aimes? It's for you -- C'est pour toi . I love you -- Je t' aime.

How do you say the word times in French?

Times = fois (pronounced fwa) eg three times = trois fois . but:. "Time's up!" = C'est l'heure! . "Times are bad" = Les temps sont mauvaises . (time = temps)

How you say the word the in french?

In French the word for the (the definite article) agrees with the gender of the noun with which it is associated. eg la maison (feminine) = the house. le chien (masculine) = the dog. but before a noun starting with a vowel or h it is l' . eg l' arbre = the tree. l' hotel = the hote (MORE)

How do you say the word hot in french?

If you mean hot like warm, we say "chaud" If you mean a hot girl or boy we usually use the English word "sexy". So for a hot boy we say "un garçon sexy"

How do you say the word here in French?

ici (ee-see) Although the French have the words "ici" and "là" similar to how we have "here" and "there", they use them a bit differently in that "là" is much more frequent than we might expect. For example, if someone is looking for you, you might shout "je suis là!" even though in Engl (MORE)

How do you say no it's not in french words?

Non, ce n'est pas (or contracted "c'est pas moi"). but it must be followed by a subordonate sentence or a direct object. No it's not me - Non, ce n'est pas moi. - It is a mistake. - no, it's not (non, ce n'est pas une erreur)

How do you say the word 'number' in French?

When wanting to translate the word "number" from English to French,the french translation is "nombre." When used in a sentenceproperly, the english phrase of "the number is seven" translate to"le nombre est de sept" in French.

How do you say the word dating in french?

There is no specific translation for "dating" from English to French, although one can say "go out with" which would amount to " sortir avec " in French.. One can also add the word "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" (" petit ami " or " petite amie ", respectively) to this phrase:. "Je sors avec mon pe (MORE)

What is the french word for how do you say?

It's actually a short phrase, just like in English:. "How do you say XXX?". "Comment est-ce qu'on parle XXX?". OR a little more fluid:. "Comment parle-on XXX?". Actually the verb is wrong in the above answers. The correct phrasing is Comment dit-on. It's also grammatically correct to say C (MORE)

How do you say the word space in french?

Hi! . You say the word "space" in french like this: espace . If you want to translate other things in different languages, just go to and click "more" and find the "translate" hyperlink. . Hope this helps . Hafsah xxx

How do you say the word 'best' in french?

masc.: meilleur, le meilleur, les meilleurs fem.: meilleure, la meilleure, les meilleures the best books = les meilleurs livres the best jam = la meilleure confiture that food is best for you = cette nourriture est meilleure pour toi

How do you say basic french words?

Here are a few pointers to get you going Bonjour - Pronounced Bonjor - Means Hello Je mappelle - J mapple I hope this helps for morehelp go to Google translater Please & thankyou

How do you say the word my in french?

The translation of the word "my" from English to French is dependand on the gender of the noun "my" is describing. If the noun is determined to be male, my would be tranlsated to "mon." If the noun is female, the translation would be "ma." If the noun is plural, the translation would be "mes."

How do you say the word fence in French?

Well I think it depends on the type of fence :. The first translation which comes to my mind is "clôture", it's the wire type fence.. If it's in wood it's then a "palissade".

How do you say the word THE in french?

it depends on what gender the noun is, all french nouns have genders. it could be le, la, or les. le is for masculine singular nouns la is for feminine singular nouns les is for plural nouns, regardless of gender

How to the word say theater in french?

Theatre, with an accent aigu over the first 'e' and a circonflexe over the 'a.' It is pronounced 'tay-AH-truh,' with a guttural R sound on the 'truh.' le théâtre "theatre" is a French word that has been borrowed into English. So the French word is le thêatre. It is pronounced in French li (MORE)

How do you say the word 'your' in french?

depends if the following word is masculin or feminin or plural. and to whom you're talking to. but your choices are "ta"-fem. familiar "ton"-masc. familiar "tes"-your plur. familiar "votre" your (masc. and fem.) formal "vos"-unisex formal plural

How do you say the word term in french?

It depends on what type of term you are referring to: Term (like a phrase or saying) is simply terme. A school/university term is période or trimestre. -Isabelle

What are some words or sayings in french?

Comme ci, comme ca (Not good not bad) Pas de quoi (No problem) Quoi? (What?) Comment? (what?) Bonjour! (Hello!) Salut! (Hi!) Au revoir (goodbye) Tchao! (Bye!) Comment ca va? (How are you?) Zut! (darn!)

How do you say the word anything in french?

'Anything' in French is 'rien' not really.... Nothing is "rien" Anything mean "rien" only with negative exemple : she didn't say anything >> elle n'a rien dit Anything is "Quoi que ce soit" or "quelque chose" or "de tout" "tout" exemple : I can eat anything : je peux manger de tou (MORE)

How do you say the word ' is ' in french?

You would use 'es', a conjugation of the French verb 'etre'. So you could say: Elle es (she is). Il es (he is, it is). For other forms like 'are' and 'am', you could look up a conjugation chart for 'etre'.

How do you say the word eating in french?

That depends on who you're talking about (the subject of the verb). 'Manger' is the French verb 'to eat', and is conjugated as follows: I eat / I am eating - je mange You eat / You are eating - tu manges Used when talking to one other person informally. He/she eats / is eating - il/elle mange Il (MORE)

How do you say the word generation in french?

If you mean "generation" in terms of a group of people who are born in the same decade, it's the same word: génération. If you mean "generation" in terms of the ability to produce things, it's "production".

How do how do you say the word think in French?

Penser- to think je pense (I think) tu penses (you think) il/elle/on pense (he/she/one thinks) nous pensons (we think) vous pensez (you think) ils/elles/ons pensent (they/they/they think)

How do you say the word English in french?

"English" is "anglais" (the language, uncapitalized), "Anglais" (the inhabitants of England), or "anglais" (the adjective) or "anglaise" (feminine form for the adjective).