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How do you shock worms out of the ground with a generator?

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to make a worm rod take a 2 wire cord with a outlet plug on 1 end . the other end will have 2 wires that are alternating current . splice 1 of the wires and tape it to 3/8 metal rod 2 or 3 feet long tape connection and the other unused wire .you can tape up end with electrical tape . Now put a 1 inch round wood handle at the same end hot wire is connected.
Plug this into your generator then stick the rod into the ground you can feel the vibration when you slide the rod up and down in the soil/ this will chase the worms out of the ground.
do not touch the bare metal of worm rod ir you will get a shock
This works well if you use a garden hose and get the ground wet about half an hour before or so.
I used this as a kid. My Dad and I soldered the one (1) wire to a very long welding rod. We also had the wooden handle we had gotten from an old mop, drilled a hole length wise and glued it to the rod. Then we put an in-line switch in the cord that would make and break the one (1) live wire going to the rod, saved time going back and forth to the A.C. outlet. Before dark we would soak the ground, usually a spot about 10X35 foot. After dark, we would stick rod in ground, step onto the sidewalk, click switch, watch with a flashlight, when the worms came up we turned the switch off and picked up a bucket of worms. Make sure you turn off the switch, my Dad didn't one night and I got a pretty good tingle, think what the worms must have felt. Good luck.
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