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In French, you spell the word France the same way as you would in English: "France." Though spelled the same, the word is pronounced differently among the languages. France, officially the French republic, is a country in western Europe commonly referred to as l'Hexagone (meaning "The Hexagon" in English) due to its geographic shape.
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What is France in French?

France in French is France, but is pronounced Frahnce, not like Frannce as it would be pronounced in English.

How do you spell France?

That is the correct spelling of the country name "France" (in English).

How do you spell 'the' in French?

In French, there are a few ways of saying the word 'the' as every noun is either masculine or feminine. Le is the masculine form of 'the'. La is the feminine

How do you spell 'I do' in French?

You can't just say "I do" in french. You have to explain what you do or whatever you are talking about. However Je fais...is I do, but you would say it as "Je fais l'excercise

How do you spell Frances?

That is one form of the female given name Frances. The variant Francis is used mainly as a male name.