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In French, you spell the word France the same way as you would in English: "France." Though spelled the same, the word is pronounced differently among the languages. France, officially the French republic, is a country in western Europe commonly referred to as l'Hexagone (meaning "The Hexagon" in English) due to its geographic shape.
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It is spelled in French?

In French, to ask 'how do I spell it?' you say: Comment ça s'écrit? To answer, you can simply: a) give them the spelling of the word or b) say: C'est s'écrit ...

How do you spell his in French?

  When you want to say "his" in French, you say either "son" or "sa". If you want to construct your sentence correctly, you must keep in mind that in French the possessiv

How do you spell how are you in French?

comment allez vous (formal and/or addressing several persons) comment vas-tu (informal and for just one person)

How do you spell to in french?

to (as in he goes to school) = à (il VA à l'école) two = deux too (I love you too) = aussi (moi aussi je t'aime)

How do you spell no in french?

Non is the word for no in French. If you're trying to say "we have  no _____" then the word is ne pas aucun. Example: We don't have no  apples."Nous n'avons pas aucune pomme