How do you stop people from bullying you?

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There are many ways to stop people from bullying you. Here are some ways to stop bullying from occurring:
Ignore Them
If you decide to ignore a bully, they will slowly begin to get bored about being mean to you because you don't show any emotions. Bullies love to see people cry so if you don't do that they will get annoyed and leave you be.
If you do decide to ignore them, you must remember never to talk to them, or show any emotions. You must walk away from them.
Sometimes, however, bullies that like violence may pick you up from the collar, throw a punch or kick just to make you listen to them.
Stand Up to Them
Standing up to a bully has its advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage of standing up to a bully: If you stand up to a bully, you must speak to them in a firm voice to let them know that you are not afraid of them and that you want them to leave you alone. They could leave you alone.
The disadvantage of standing up to a bully: If you try to stand up to a bully, they may still remain teasing you. Some bullies that like to hurt people physically may throw a punch or kick you to watch you cry.
If you want to stand up to a bully, you must remember not to whisper as this will make the bully think you are scared of them. You must speak in a loud but firm voice to make them feel afraid of you too. You must NEVER start teasing them, throw a punch or a kick as the bullying will continue and they won't be the only ones in trouble.
Tell a teacher or a parent
If you tell a teacher or a parent you can be assured that the bullying will be stopped. What you must remember though is that you should NEVER talk to the bully's parents as parents only ever believe what their children tell them. Bullies will lie a lot to people and this will make people believe them.
By telling a teacher, they will be able to talk to the bully and their parents. If nothing happens, the teacher can take the bully to the principal to have them dealt with. If bullying still continues the principal will have the right to suspend them or expel them.
By telling a parent, they will be able to get in contact with the school or with the bully's parents to make it stop. It would probably be better though if parents didn't get in contact with the bully's parents as a fight may start.
Best Option
Overall, the safest and most effective way of stopping bullying is to tell a teacher; that is if you go to a school. At least they can deal with the bully immediately to insure that nothing further happens.
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