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How do you tell a friend who hasn't had sexual relations with her husband in years that her husband is cheating?

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Sounds like your friend has a pretty bad relationship with her husband and may be staying with him for family or lifestyle reasons. Maybe she needs to know the truth to help her confront her own life and her own happiness. What about a letter, anonymous. This way she won't feel awkward with you.  
What makes you think she doesn't already know? If she's not having sex with him, she should suspect that he is getting it somewhere.
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  If she is a true friend, you should not tell her husband that she is cheating. You should do everything you can to help her keep it a secret from her husband, including

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As a true friend, it'd be best that you did. If you know for fact he is, and can back it up with some sort of proof then keeping it from her will only hurt her more in the end

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First, are you absolutely sure he did ? How badly ? How good of a friend is it ? Is it really any of your business ? Most people don't want to hear this kind of thing even if