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How do you tell a friend who hasn't had sexual relations with her husband in years that her husband is cheating?

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Sounds like your friend has a pretty bad relationship with her husband and may be staying with him for family or lifestyle reasons. Maybe she needs to know the truth to help her confront her own life and her own happiness. What about a letter, anonymous. This way she won't feel awkward with you.  
What makes you think she doesn't already know? If she's not having sex with him, she should suspect that he is getting it somewhere.
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How do you get your husband to cheat on you?

Why? that is not good for you or your children(If you have one or more) Okay, just be mean and if you really want to end the relationship you should cheat. - You refuse hi

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You need to be absolutely sure your husband is cheating. You can hire a detective or take a girlfriend with you and follow him on the evenings he may go out and stay out late.

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  Answer     First of all, seek help through a therapist. Your husband may be bisexual, gay, or has been a victim of childhood abuse.. Or, he may lack confidenc

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