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How do you tell if your man is cheating or if you are just losing it?

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You don't know unless you have some actual proof, but if you suspect something fishy is going probably is. Is he Cheating or Am I crazy:
  • There will be signs such as: - he acts differently - does not tell you he loves you anymore - does not kiss or hug you goodbye - if he does kiss you it is on the forehead & the hug is barely there - has a hard time looking at you or talking to you - comes home a lot later than he usually did & has no explanation, it makes no sense like suddenly hanging out with someone he never even got along with before - the sex has dramatically changed, less or none at all , more and no emotion involved.
  • There are many ways to tell, check his cell phone, email, voice mail, phone, vehicle, wallet and clothes. Smell his underwear for the smell of another woman or sex -also he will be more fussy about his appearance, showering more, different clothes, different hair, cleaner appearance.
    He not calling you from work like he used to?
  • I think if a man cheats, eventually he gets caught. They get tired of hiding it and little mistakes will happen. The obvious will become clear. In the meantime, do not let your imagination run wild. Try and think logically. Can he be trusted? Are there obvious signs. If so, just be patient and very soon he will get caught
  • YOU MIGHT JUST BE LOSING IT: My wife is extremely suspicious and constantly going through these swings of accusing me of cheating. The other day she found a red hair on my passengers side seat of my truck. I do not know how it got there, and I have never cheated on her or even had another woman in my truck. This situation has turned into an abusive accusal. She says that I am screwing around with a red headed b.. and she believes that I am. There is no truth to this but it is so bad that an argument escalated to where she called 911 to have the cops escort me to leave because her mind actually believes I was being unfaithful to her. I have had this abusive treatment from her in the past on other suspecting matters but this is the most ridiculous of all. A red hair in my truck. How did this single hair get there and how is this wrecking our marriage further by adding to other untrue situations. My wife's hair comes off easily when she brushes her hair and gets in our laundry then my clothing. I pick the hairs out and place them in the trash. I was at the Gym when i notice my wife's hairs were in my socks. I put them on someones else's clothes so that they can endure the pain I suffer. Maybe women will get a clue and realize that hairs are everywhere, they can attach and track to other locations by static, by wind, by clothing contact. Another woman's red hair does not mean he is screwing around. I was at the grocery store when a shopper- female was talking to someone near by while I was on a cell call with my wife. My wife heard her and asked who I was with. I said that is a shopper. "Who's that B? What was she saying to you? I knew you were F--- around is that your red hair B-- you are shopping with? " A hair and then this.
  • Usually your instinct is pretty accurate. This goes for anyone, except.. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN CHEATED ON. (Breakup girl is a relationship blogger), She says "they see affairs everywhere". So they can't distinguish between their insecurities and their intuition. They're more inclined to be paranoid, and they can't always trust their "instincts". First, she says, take a past relationship in which you were cheated, and examine it. If there is anything you wish you did better, you can take it as an opportunity to improve yourself just for the sake of you. Likewise you can realize whether or not that person was whacked... That's just my discovery... Next you can look at the relationship your in now. if there are no obvious signals; you can't find any strange girls numbers in his phone, he isn't acting weird, etc, "chances are, he isn't cheating on you".
  • How would you know if your man is cheating on you? Well if you checked his mobile and found out unfamiliar numbers. Then you ask him who was that number, he answers it's my office mate asking for help, it's my brother's friend, he used my phone yesterday. Oh dear you shouldn't believe him that fast, try to call the number and make drama like you are a sister or cousin of your husband and try to befriend her. Then later you'll know what's really in between her and your husband....
  • Man never accepts that he cheats on you, he will have all the alibis in the world. their maybe an instance that he shouted at you to prove only what you think of him is wrong. he maybe will told you to call that number or maybe the worse he dumps his phone just to show you he does not cheat on you......
  • it's really painful and hurting on your part but the next best move you should do is dump him, he's nothing but a burden on you!
  • Look at his cell phone bill when he's not around. Look for a recurring number or numbers that are not familiar to you. Call those numbers. Remember in today's world of cell and work phones, it's not uncommon for one person to have phone numbers in different area codes or even states. Ask about the unfamiliar numbers and if he becomes defensive or raises his voice, something's up. Also, does he have another cell phone? A work cell? A car phone? Check those records for the same unfamiliar numbers.
  • Think of his normal behavior, do you always get a lot of strange phone calls, ie, hang ups? Any behavior not in the norm would be a red flag. Also, is he suddenly MORE attentive than usual? If he's inviting you to things the last few months he hasn't in the past, that's a very real give-away because he's over-compensating for a wrong marriage.
  • All this may seem like you're going too far, but if you suspect cheating, you're not and it's your right.
  • I went to a party with my husband. Out of nowhere a younger woman appears, puts her arms around him, kisses him and starts in with him! He started acting strangely and introduces us. She stares at me strangely then just leaves in a huff. I knew something was going on. He became overly defensive and had obviously spoke to that woman because she avoided him the rest of the party, but I caught them smiling at each other. No, honey, you're not losing it. I later discovered over 100 text messages between them! I then talked to a great divorce attorney and discovered he was worth more $$$ to me if I wasn't married to him. He'll be paying me for a long time and she can have his cheap, middle-aged idiot.
  • But studies have shown that if you think your partner is cheating the chances are over 95 percent that they are.
  • If your man usually tells you everything, and he meets a new female friend that he thinks treats him so , so nice ,then you don't hear anymore about her for awhile, then you find out she's calling him late at night or on weekends, something is going. especially if he calls her or texts her only when he is going to/from work or out of town or other times you know you were not around.
  • How can you tell that your man is cheating on you well he talks to you differently, he doesn't treat you the same way, he says oh I'm going out with my friends for example.
  • If he tells you that he is going out to a friend's house late at night. If he breaks up with you to go to a strip club. You know what? He may not be cheating, he may just be a complete waste of your time. If he has a mobile phone then put your number in some of his friends or someone who you think he is cheating on's contact. Then you will get all the messages he is sending to his other partner by that you should realize and catch him out.
  • I think you should just trust him and look into his eyes and all that stuff.

Most marriage counselors/mediators etc. will advise you that; generally speaking, if you think your partner is not being honest with the relationship, you are usually right.
Keep this in mind next time you find yourself defending your "sanity" to your "empathetic", caring spouse as he ridicules you to protect his right to "keep his friends"....
The only person in life you have to prove anything to, is yourself.
Good Luck, Believe in yourself, not in others that are trying to justify the right to continue their disregard for your feelings.

"Oh, you are just being paranoid."
"She is just a friend"
"What am I supposed to do, drop all of my friends that are women"
"We just talk about (fill in the blank)"
"I married you didn't I?"
"Just because I had lunch with her does not mean we are having an affair"
"I might as well have an affair, You are always accusing me of it anyway"
"you just think too much"
"fine, I'll just stay home all the time. Will that make you happy?
Sound familiar????? Of course it does.
"Oh honey, I am so sorry you are feeling that way. What can we do to get back on track?"
"Even though it is not true, I can see how it might make you uncomfortable. You are my wife, and anything that affects you, affects us. So anything, no matter how silly it may be, is something we make a priority to resolve quickly. Even if we lose friends, change friends, or change our behaviors just to make each other comfortable, it is worth it. What really matters, is we always put the relationship first"
"You are right, instead of keeping "My" old "friends", I should be including you. I am not single anymore, I am married and things are different. I should be trying to think how things like that may make you feel, or may look to others, even if they are innocent...... before I do them and find an alternative,,, rather than do things that bother you, and deny your feelings.
Sound familiar???? Of course it doesn't
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