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How do you trace a short circuit that's draining the battery?

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U disconnect the NEGATIVE battery cable & put a 12Volt test light IN BETWEEN the cable & battery post(connection) THen U start pulling fuses un- till the light goes off MAKE SURE U have ALL switches & doors shut because (doors-radio-etc) will turn on the test light.IF IT still doesn't go out after all the fuses have been pulled-THE problem is in a HARD WIRED CIRCUIT like the HEADLIGHTS etc.
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Why your battery could be drained in a car?

Worn out, low electrolyte, a draw (something left on) alt not  charging. You need a cheap voltmeter to check (about 5.00 from auto  parts store)

What could be the cause of short circuit in glow plugs starting system of 106 1.5 diesel All relays have been changed check engine light on and battery continually drains diagnostic test inconclusive?

  very possibly it is the glow plug relay, try dissconecting the relay for a day or two and see if the battery still goes flat, another test is to connect a multimeter or

What does a battery do in a circuit?

A battery stores CHEMICAL energy.    Then, when a circuit is connected to it, the chemical energy is  converted into ELECTRICAL energy (called "charge", measured  in

What is draining the battery in your dodge neon?

It can be any light in the car. Dome, glove box, trunk, under hood, etc. It can also be a relay that is stuck closed. It can also be a dead cell in the battery which will caus

Can a bad starter drain a battery?

  Yes, very, very, quickly. The Starter Motor has a very high operating current, that will drain even the heaviest duty battery, fairly quickly, if an engine fails to star

How do you test for battery drain in a car?

  By removing the ground wire from the battery and putting an amp meter in series between the battery and wire and measure the amp draw after sometimes 15 minutes.

What would happen if you short-circuited a battery?

Do not ever do this. When a battery is intentionally short circuited, there is nothing in the in the electrical path to limit the current flow except the resistance of the co

What is a short circuit?

When a wire is cut in a circuit, a gap is made and the current can no longer circulate, known as an open circuit. When 2 parts of a circuit touch, that shouldn't, for exampl

When do you get a short-circuit?

If the cables of the electric appliances is worn out or connected not properly,a short circuit may occured.The hort circuit has a very low resistance that almost all electric

What is open circuit and short circuit?

In an open circuit, no current flows since there is no path to the load and ground. In a short circuit the supply voltage is directly connected to ground.

What causes a slow battery drain?

    Answer 1       Have you checked the Alternator?     Answer 2       Like most batterys in cars, trucks, ect, they tend to get dir

Why a short circuit called a short circuit?

A short circuit is a connection that is not expected, causing current flow where it is not expected. Often, a short circuit is a low impedance connection, causing the protecti

What will drain a car battery down?

In addition to acutally driving the car, using the little features such as the lights, horn, radio, and air conditioning/heating will drain the battery of a car. Also a dead c

How do you check for a drain on a car battery?

You need to turn off all electric switches, then disconnect the battery positive. Put a multimeter, between the battery + lead and the + terminal. There will be a reading of