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How do you trace a short circuit that's draining the battery?

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U disconnect the NEGATIVE battery cable & put a 12Volt test light IN BETWEEN the cable & battery post(connection) THen U start pulling fuses un- till the light goes off MAKE SURE U have ALL switches & doors shut because (doors-radio-etc) will turn on the test light.IF IT still doesn't go out after all the fuses have been pulled-THE problem is in a HARD WIRED CIRCUIT like the HEADLIGHTS etc.
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Battery draining on lawnmower?

Answer . Answer . Most of the time the battery is loosing charge on a mower it is bc the battery is going bad. The cells inside are wearing out and not holding a charge.

What could be the cause of short circuit in glow plugs starting system of 106 1.5 diesel All relays have been changed check engine light on and battery continually drains diagnostic test inconclusive?

  very possibly it is the glow plug relay, try dissconecting the relay for a day or two and see if the battery still goes flat, another test is to connect a multimeter or

Does a short circuit damage your battery?

Yes it does. A short circuited battery creates excessive heat from the rapid discharge. This heat damages the internal chemicals and component materials in the battery. In som

How do you go about tracing an electrical problem that is draining the battery on a Hyundai Elantra?

My '00 Elantra had a similar problem. Above the brake there cable/wire was exposed/fried, etc.. and the front lights would never go off, therefore draining the battery. I ende

What does a battery do in a circuit?

A battery stores CHEMICAL energy.    Then, when a circuit is connected to it, the chemical energy is  converted into ELECTRICAL energy (called "charge", measured  in

Short circuit?

A somewhat imprecise term used to describe the condition of very low resistance across the terminals of a power source, resulting in very high current.

What would happen if you short-circuited a battery?

Do not ever do this. When a battery is intentionally short circuited, there is nothing in the in the electrical path to limit the current flow except the resistance of the co

What is a short circuit?

When a wire is cut in a circuit, a gap is made and the current can no longer circulate, known as an open circuit . When 2 parts of a circuit touch, that shouldn't, for exam

What is short circuit?

Short circuit is the case when electricity, instead of travel through the design circuit path, jump across an unintended low resistance path and bypass the design circuit. A s

When do you get a short-circuit?

If the cables of the electric appliances is worn out or connected not properly,a short circuit may occured.The hort circuit has a very low resistance that almost all electric

Why does a short circuit drain a battery?

You have to remember ohms law Voltage = amp * resistance. Using some basic algebra you can rewrite the equation as amps = voltage / resistance. Since a short circuit has relat

Why a short circuit called a short circuit?

A short circuit is a connection that is not expected, causing current flow where it is not expected. Often, a short circuit is a low impedance connection, causing the protecti

What would cause a battery to drain after 3 days on a 1990 F-150 their are no obvious shorts?

The fact that it takes 3 days probably points to the alternator not charging, but a faulty voltage regulator can cause this also if you know for a fact that the battery is goo

Battery drain escort?

1. Remove the negative battery terminal. 2. Put a 12 volt bulb in between the cable end and the terminal on the battery. 3. If you are having a drain then the bulb will light