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How do you transfer a deed on a mortgage?

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Your question is not exactly clear. I will interprete it as how do you transfer property that is encumbered by a mortgage.

You should seek legal advice before transferring your interest in any property that is subject to a mortgage. Generally, the boilerplate language in any mortgage document states that the full balance will become due upon any transfer of the property. You would be responsible for payment and if the mortgage is not paid the bank will take possession of the property. Also, even if the bank didn't know of the transfer immediately, if the new owner failed to pay the mortgage the full consequences would fall on you.

The bank approved you for the loan and you don't have the power to assign your approval to someone else. You should speak with a bank representative to see if the mortgage can be assumed by a new owner. At one time lenders allowed a subsequent buyer to execute an assumption agreement.
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How do you transfer the deed of your home to your children if you wish to remain in the home and continue to pay the mortgage?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe most secure way to insure that the property is protected from any creditor attachment is to have an attorney or title company draw up a war

How do you transfer a deed of a house when the owner dies and there is no mortgage?

The estate must be probated and the title to the real estate will pass according to the provisions of the will or according to the state laws of intestacy if there was no will

Can you be on a mortgage but not the deed?

Yes. Often, a lender will try to get an additional co-signer to help insure the debt will be paid. When you co-sign a mortgage for property that belongs to another person you

What are the charges made on the recording registering and transfer of documents such as mortgages and deeds called?

Those fees are called Documentary Recordation Fees or simply 'recording fees'. Such fees are used by the land records offices to cover all the associated costs in maintaining

Can a warranty deed transfer ownership while a mortgage exists?

You need to be careful about transferring property that is subject to a mortgage. Virtually all mortgage documents contain a clause that states any transfer of ownership will

The deed for my house is in deceases aunts name I have always paid the mortgage and taxes as well as performing necessary upkeep how do I go about transferring the deed to me?

Your aunt's real estate is in her estate and her estate must be probated. The property will pass according to the provisions set forth in her will. If there is no will, her pr

If you are on a deed but not the mortgage are you responsible for the mortgage?

The answer depends on when your name went on the deed. If your namewas on the deed as joint owner before the mortgage wasgranted then the bank can only foreclose on the co-o

Will the mortgage company require refinancing with a quitclaim deed transfer?

If you want to take your name off the property and mortgage, yes. Also, most modern mortgage documents contain a "due on transfer" clause. If you execute a quitclaim deed the

Can a deed be transferred to administrator of estate when a mortgage exists?

The estate must be probated. The property can be transferred with court approval but it is subject to the mortgage. If the mortgage isn't paid the lender will take possession

Does a quitclaim deed transfer mortgage payments to the Grantee?

Absolutely not. The property remains subject to the mortgage and the person who signed the mortgage remains responsible for paying the loan. You should review the documents yo

Is a quitclaim deed the same as a mortgage deed?

No. A quitclaim deed transfers the property to a new owner permanently. A mortgage deed is a conditional deed that transfers title to the bank only until the mortgage is pa

Can you transfer property with an outstanding mortgage by deed before a lien is placed on the property?

You could, but I wouldn't recommend it, at least certainly not without a written disclosure of the pre-existing lien. Depending on when the new deed is recorded, the mortgage
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What is transfer of deed?

My sister has been willed the home my mother lived in for manyyears. The home was paid for by cash when purchased. She has noliens, no outstanding bills or taxes. The transfer