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You cannot upload images to Google images. Google images searches all over the internet for the pictures it provides so if you want the the image to show up there you'd need to upload it to photobucket, tinypic or some other image hosting website.

One great way to have photos uploaded to Google Images is to save the file name just as you want Google to list it in Google Images.

Make sure this Image is then uploaded onto a website that is listed in Google Search Results.

When the spider searches the web page, Google will identify the image automatically and list it in Google Images.
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How do you upload images to Google?

Images are not uploaded to Google. Google's spider crawls the web searching for images and applying tags to them. If you have a website with relevant pictures and captions, th

How do you upload an image in Googles?

Google is not a hosting site for images, therefore you can't upload pictures to it. Google takes pictures from various websites. If you want your picture on google, upload it

How can you upload photo in Google?

Google is a search engine. You upload photos into applications thataccept photographs. Google's search engine does not fit into thiscategory of application.

How do you add photo in Google image?

First, go to google.com images then choose a search a name then choose a photo right click and save image as then copy it to answer.com

How do you upload image in Google Images?

There is no actual method of uploading an image to Google Images. In a similar manner to using the web search, Google will search images and present those it considers to be t

How do you upload images in Google images?

No One Can Upload Images To Google Images, Those Images Are Crawled By Google Robots. One great way to have photos uploaded to Google Images is to save the file name just

How you upload a photo on Google?

When you view an image on Google Images, it has not actually been uploaded. All the images are taken from websites. So if you want your image to appear on a search, you need t

How can upload photo in Google?

There are many ways to do this but here are three: 1. Upload photo to Picasa and make sure you tag the image with the name or search term and it will be indexed with Google i