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How do you use gps locator on my cell?

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Download an apps. Google maps free by google. Install it. Works as a gps navigator
Google Maps requires internet connection to work. Please use truspy instead, it work without the internet also.

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What are the benefits of GPS cell phone tracking?

GPS cell phone tracking can be used for many things. One benefit is map applications on cell phones. Without GPS this would not be possible. GPS can also be used for certai

What does GPS stand for in a GPS car locator?

GPS is an abbreviation for "Global Positioning System". This is a system that uses satellite signals in order to find your current position on the globe. It does not require c

How can I add my restaurant's location to GPS maps used by Garmin etc.?

Easy....just go the www.navteq.com.  Click on Map Reporter Enter the street address or latitude/longitude of the 'point of interest' (your restaurant) that you want to add.

Why do people use GPS?

GPS uses a series of satellites. It needs at least three  satellites, but usually talks to as many as it can. It bounces a  signal to each satellite and can tell how far awa

Does the Motorola cell phone have gps tracking?

Actually you should check your phone setting or phone  specification.Its depends on your phone model.Now a days many phone  have gps option.If your phone run android opertin

Uses of GPS?

There are several different used for GPS's. The main use is to provide data of your exact location on earth. This helps to plan exact travel routes, as well as travel times fo

How does one track a cell phone with GPS?

There are a number of online sources that offer in depth instructions on how to track a cell phone with GPS. Such sources include WikiHow and DigitalTrends.

How can a GPS help you find your location on earth?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) constellation consists of about  24 satellites circling the Earth, plus a few spares to allow for  breakdowns etc. Each satellite is equipp

Where is GPS used?

it is used in the programed satellite guided interlocking techno magnetic coordinator's.

Can you track a cell phone gps?

It's possible to trace a mobile (cell) phone to the nearest mobile mast. All mobile networks know where your phone is in relation to the nearest three mobile masts - in order

How does GPS work on a cell phone?

With the right software, one has the capability of converting a cellphone into a GPS. These cellphones communicate with positioning satellites which are capable of triangulati