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How do you write a header for a 128x128x128 dds volume texture file with no mipmaps and does it have to be written in binary?

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According to the documentation on MSDN, the following code should create an uncompressed volume texture DDS file that's 32x32x32 in size. Re-scale as you see fit. Note: a 128x128x128 RGBA texture will take up 8 MB of VRAM! #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <math.h> #include <string.h> #define DDSD_CAPS 0x00000001 #define DDSD_HEIGHT 0x00000002 #define DDSD_WIDTH 0x00000004 #define DDSD_PITCH 0x00000008 #define DDSD_PIXELFORMAT 0x00001000 #define DDSD_MIPMAPCOUNT 0x00020000 #define DDSD_LINEARSIZE 0x00080000 #define DDSD_DEPTH 0x00800000 #define DDPF_ALPHAPIXELS 0x00000001 #define DDPF_FOURCC 0x00000004 #define DDPF_RGB 0x00000040 #define DDSCAPS_COMPLEX 0x00000008 #define DDSCAPS_TEXTURE 0x00001000 #define DDSCAPS_MIPMAP 0x00400000 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP 0x00000200 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_POSITIVEX 0x00000400 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_NEGATIVEX 0x00000800 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_POSITIVEY 0x00001000 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_NEGATIVEY 0x00002000 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_POSITIVEZ 0x00004000 #define DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_NEGATIVEZ 0x00008000 #define DDSCAPS2_VOLUME 0x00200000 int depth = 32; int width = 32; int height = 32; unsigned int header[32]; int main( int argc, char * argv[] ) { if( !argv[1] !strstr( argv[1], ".dds" ) ) { fprintf( stderr, "Usage: noise output.dds\n" ); return 1; } unsigned int cnt = width*height*depth*4; unsigned char * buf = new unsigned char[ cnt ]; while( cnt-- ) { buf[cnt] = rand()>>7; } memset( header, 0, sizeof( header ) ); header[0] = ' SDD'; header[1] = 124; header[2] = DDSD_CAPS | DDSD_PIXELFORMAT | DDSD_WIDTH | DDSD_HEIGHT | DDSD_DEPTH | DDSD_PITCH; header[3] = height; header[4] = width; header[5] = width*4; header[6] = depth; header[19] = 32; header[20] = DDPF_RGB|DDPF_ALPHAPIXELS; header[22] = 8; header[23] = 0xff0000; header[24] = 0xff00; header[25] = 0xff; header[26] = 0xff000000; header[27] = DDSCAPS_TEXTURE | DDSCAPS_COMPLEX; header[28] = DDSCAPS2_VOLUME; FILE * f = fopen( argv[1], "wb" ); if( !f ) { fprintf( stderr, "can't create: %s\n", argv[1] ); return 1; } fwrite( header, 4, 32, f ); fwrite( buf, 1, width*height*depth, f ); fclose( f ); fprintf( stderr, "wrote %s\n", argv[1] ); return 0; }
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