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Autism Speaks does not help Autistic people - thus why most of us are against the organisation.

Autism Speaks refuses to listen to Autistic people, in fact they actively try to silence Autistic people who speak-up against their mistreatment of us, and they do not have any Autistic people on their board. They refuse to acknowledge Autistic adults and cater only to parents of Autistic children.

Autism Speaks uses harmful propaganda in order to push the idea that autism is a tragedy and that Autistic children are 'missing' - they dehumanize Autistic people, which in turn makes it easier for people to treat us as less than human. Some of their propaganda includes parents openly talking about murdering their children in front of the children themselves, misrepresenting statistics to claim autism is an 'epidemic', and lying about how autism effects families.

Autism Speaks supports torture of Autistic people, including electroshock therapy and ABA, they support parents who murder their Autistic children, and they are openly prejudice towards Autistics. They support eugenics through genetic research and pre-natal screening in order to prevent Autistic people existing, they have been very clear from the start that they wish to see an end to autism.

This is all designed to create a culture of fear and feed off parents fear, which helps to increase their profits - their income rarely goes towards helping Autistic people or their families.
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It brings awareness to the community that this is a growing issue in our society. It provides resources for families to find providers for their children to get the treatment they need to make improvement. They contribute a portion fo their funds to a local organization in the area where they have their annual walk that focuses on the treatment of autism. They are the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders.
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