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How does Google Earth collect the satellite images?

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They collect their satellite images from a variety of cameras including; low level satellite photography, aerial photography and even on occassion kite and balloon cameras. Though most people think that the images are live they are in fact three years old on average.
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Are the photographs on Google Earth satellite images?

Some are satellite and others are aerial (taken from airplanes with special high resolution cameras and also from air balloons). Street View photos, however, are taken from

When a satellite collects information from the surface of the earth the data is converted to an image Why this image is often not a true picture?

((Just copy-pasting from another person's answer on yahoo!Answers, I take no credit for this answer ) The instruments that are recording these images are looking for differ

How do you update a Google Earth image?

You can't update these yourself, but they are updated by Google every 1-3 years. You can, however, add your own content (placemarks, image overays, etc.) to Google Earth or

How old are the images on Google earth?

The images are new now by new satellite views the images are clearer than before it was from 2003 now the images are from year 2005 that mean UPDATED

What altitude is Google Earth satellite?

Google does *not* operate its own satellites, but thesatellites that provide imagery to Google include GeoEye-1,QuickBird, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, and others. GeoEye-1 or

How does Google Earth get their images?

Here's a citation from Mark Aubin's post at the Google Librarian Central, about the source of Google Images: "We collect it via airplane and satellite, but also just about

How do you get satellite images of the earth?

The satellite takes pictures of the earth, and sends the photos down by radio, as a digital data-stream. Maybe kind of like the same way you send pictures to your friend's

How do you cite images from Google Earth?

This seems to be the best answer I have found. The guy works for the Centre of Geographic Sciences so he should know what he is talking about. See related links for example

How do you add image at Google Earth?

In Google Earth select Add > Image Overla yin the menu then select an image file to overlay onto the ground. You can set the transparency level and position the image on t

How can you get 3D images on Google Earth?

Google Earth provides a 3-D effect with 3-D buildings and tree as overlays on top of the base imagery. Also with terrain enabled in Google Earth, the satellite imagery conform

How can you print an image from Google earth?

There are multiple ways to print the current view from GoogleEarth. The built-in way is pressing the print short-cut (e.g.Ctrl-P on Windows) or select Print option in File men