How does Google street view get images?

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Google has people ride around in either cars or on bikes. These vehicles have a 360 degree camera attached to the top that take the pictures for the street view interface. Once processed by Google the images are made available to both Google Earth and Google Maps simultaneously.
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What is Google Earth Street View?

Street View provides users 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views within Google Maps and Google Earth. Google collects these photographs using spe

Are you in a picture on Google Street View?

Were you in one? Google Street View is still working in Germany but after winter I'm gonna show the peace sign to Google street view car!

How do you use Google Street View?

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How do you download Google street view?

You don't, follow the link below, click and drag the orange man in the corner to where you want to see and it should come up. See related question to use Street View either

How do you get street view on Google Maps?

Street View in Google Maps: Drag the orange "pegman" icon from the navigation control onto themap to enter Street View mode. If blue lines appear on the map thenthose lines i

How do you get on Street View on Google Maps?

Basically drag the orange " pegman " icon from the navigation control (on upper-left corner) onto the map to enter Street View mode at that location. See related links belo

When were Google street view images first captured in south Africa?

Google announced Street View going live in South Africa in June 2010 to correspond with the 2010 World Cup held in Cape Town. In May 2010 Google had said that Street View w

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Is Google Street View not working?

Google recently stopped support for Street View in versions ofGoogle Earth older than 6.0. This means that Google Earth 5.1, 5.2,and older no longer access the Street View lay

How can Google prove you used their street view image in commercial work?

To be clear on the rules check out Google's Geo Permissions guidelines in related links below. If a commercial work is published online or otherwise where a Google Street V