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Google has people ride around in either cars or on bikes. These vehicles have a 360 degree camera attached to the top that take the pictures for the street view interface. Once processed by Google the images are made available to both Google Earth and Google Maps simultaneously.
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How does Google Maps get the street view for the maps?

According to Google Maps's behind the scenes website, there are  Google Maps cars that drive around with cameras and other equipment  mounted on them. These cars constantly

Why did street view disappear with Google Earth 6?

Here is one of Google's announcements of ending Street View supportfor Google Earth versions 5.x and older. . "With the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), weare also f

Can you get older Street View on Google Maps?

Google currently only provides the latest Street View imagery for a given area. There have been requests by many users to provide "historical" imagery for Street View. Easi

Who invented Street View on Google maps?

The original Street View service was developed and demonstrated in 2002, but not by Google, but rather by an Irish inventor Tony Kelly. His website (see related link) was up a

Where can one view live images on Google Earth?

One can view live images on Google Earth by clicking on the 'Satellite' button when in Google Earth. This opens a live satellite image link to the area one is interested in.

Why does Google Maps not have Street View in China?

Back in early 2010 Google announced that it had been the victim of a cyber attack originated from China that resulted in compromised Gmail accounts and stolen intellectual pro

Why is Street View blurred in Google Earth?

The people's faces and licenses plates in Street View are purposely blurred to help ensure the privacy and anonymity of individuals when images have been collected for Street

How do you view Google Earth Street View?

There are two ways you could just keep clicking on the street unless it doesnt let you (etc. small streets)i think there is a button of a small person at the bottom right of

Why is there no Google Maps street view in Venice Italy?

Almost all of the "streets" in Venice are canals, as boats there serve the same purpose as cars and buses in land cities. It would not be impossible to equip a boat to do the

When does Google Maps update Street View?

Street view photos are updated on a continuous basis, but there isa tradeoff between adding new cities and keeping the existingstreet view imagery current. More new cities are

How recent are the aerial and street images on Bing and Google Maps?

Street View was launched in May 2007 so no photographs are older than that. Google is updating its imagery database on an ongoing basis so the images vary depending on the are

Is Google Street View not working?

Google recently stopped support for Street View in versions ofGoogle Earth older than 6.0. This means that Google Earth 5.1, 5.2,and older no longer access the Street View lay

How do you download Google street view?

You don't, follow the link below, click and drag the orange man in the corner to where you want to see and it should come up. See related question to use Street View either