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How do AIDS attack and spread? the 5 ways it attacks the cells is: 1. HIV attaches to the surface. 2. Virus makes a copy of its genetic material. 3. Virus core enters cell and goes to the nucleus. 4. New virus assembles at cell suface. 5. New virus breaks away from the host cell. IT IS SPREADED BY 3 WAYS: 1. Sexual intercourse. 2. Sharing needles. 3. Mother to baby.
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Why is HIV not spread by kissing?

Because the level of HIV virus present in saliva is generally insufficient to pass on the virus to a non-infected person.

Can HIV be spread through saliva?

No. HIV infection is passed through contact with an infected person's blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.

What are some ways HIV can NOT be spread?

By sharing food with the affected person.  * drinking from the same glass  * kissing  * masturbation  * sleeping in the same bed  * being bitten by the same mosquito 

How is HIV and AIDS spread?

When someone with aids was unprotected sex, shares needles or blood transfusion.Not using a condom when having sex with a person who has HIV.All unprotected sex with someone

What is the most common way HIV is spread?

The most common way HIV is spread is by homosexuals having anal sex. The rectum is not really "designed" for this action and is at high risk of developing small cracks or rif

How does the HIV virus attack the cells?

The answer is a complex one, purely because the process of the HIV virus attacking a cell is extremely complex. The following is the procedure simplified: 1) HIV enters the

How can HIV not be spread?

    How can you get HIV? You can get HIV from your mom or dad. When your mom and dad has sex, one of then has HIV. If your dad has HIV and he did sex with your mom and

What cells does the HIV virus attack?

The HIV virus infects a variety of white blood cells (macrophages, dendritic cells and so-called T-helper cells) that have a certain protein on their exterior. In doing so, th

Can HIV spread shaving blade?

it will if you make a wound or an opening to the body. The virus is very unstable and dies quite quickly if not protected in some sort of medium. so there may be a chance if