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Think of an external hard drive like a normal hard drive working outside your computer, they work very much in the same way. Normally (unless you are using a SCSI, PATA, or eSATA hard drive), they can be connected to your computer via a Firewire or USB connection. If you have a key-drive (aka USB memory stick), they work like a miniature external hard drive in the sense that they store date in an external format; an external hard drive is just like a large key-drive. With both a key-drive and an external hard drive, you simply connect it to your computer, and access its files. When you want to access your internal hard drive, you go to My Computer and then select the C: drive; The external hard drive is a similar process, you select it's icon (located either on the desktop or My Computer) and then you can access its files like a normal hard drive. You can drag files out of it onto your desktop, or alternatively, drag files into it to transfer files from your computer.
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How do you convert a hard drive to an external drive?

  At Circuit City, or some other computer store, there are kits sold that will make this easy. Find a kit that is an IDE to USB converter. All it is, is a cable that in on

Can you format external hard drive?

Yes. However, formatting the drive is not a guaranteed way of erasing it. In most versions of Windows, you can right-click on the drive letter in Windows Explorer and select

What is a external hard drive?

An external hard disk drive is a type of hard disk drive which is  connected to a computer by a USB cable or other means. Modern  entries into the market consist of standard

How do you choose an external hard drive?

choose one that would be best for you, if you play games lot on the computer then get a relatively big one, if you just do documents or papers on your computer then you dont n

What is a TB external hard drive?

  A TB external hard drive means that the storage capacity of the particular hard drive is equal to 1 TB or terabyte. A terabyte is equal to 1,000 gigabytes or GB.

Do external hard drives have ram?

No. An external hard drive doesn't have ram in it. It only has storage space. Ram is a special chip that goes inside slots inside your computer. Each computer uses different r

Can a PS3 hard drive be used as a external hard drive?

Yes. all your PS3 Hard drive is, is most probably a laptop Drive, and is most definitely SATA. you will need to buy a HDD Enclosure/Caddy relevant to your drive, either 3.5 SA

How much are External Hard Drives?

External hard drive prices vary depending on the size on the hard drive you want to purchase. The more storage space on the drive, the higher the price will be. They can be an

External hard drive vs portable hard drive?

They are both the same. But the only way of expressing both is that portable hard drive are much smaller and don't hold as much capacity, and can be easily vunerable to dama

What is much better 32gb external hard drive or the 500gb external hard drive?

When comparing hard drives, there are many factors to consider.   If a 500GB hard drive is priced at $100, you are paying 20 cents per Gigabyte. If a 32GB hard drive is pri

What are the advantages of an external hard drive?

The advantages of an external hard drive are that you have a separate place to store your information other than your computer. The reason why this is so important is because

Can you replace a laptop hard drive with an external hard drive?

No because most external ones need software and you cant store the  soft ware on the external one   This is inaccurate. An external (USB) hard drive can replace an  inte

How do you use an external hard drive?

External hard drives usually come with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector to plug into your computer. Once you plug your hard drive in and turn it on, your Windows OS (ope

Are external hard drives reliable?

Yes they are. They're also a VERY good way of backing up all the information on your computer in case it gets stolen ! Most external hard-drives simply connect to a spare USB

How do you encrypt an external hard drive?

There're three ways to password protect flash drive. The first one is to use BitLocker if you are using Win7, Win 8, this feature is designed for drive protection. The second