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Technology affects society because it may help us it determines how much we deal with on daily basis in the work world and at home. Technology can be a good thing or a bad thing. Computers help organize important documents where as nuclear weapons and such other destructive forms of technology may harm or kill us all. Technology and how it affects society is all in the eye the beholder. Only you can really decide if, for you, technology is a good thing or bad thing.
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Can technology dehumanized society?

In my opinion, that's all a matter of personal opinion. I think not. Technology does not, and will never dehumanize us. We'll always have 2 arms, 2 legs, a body and a brain an

What are indigenous technologies and effect on society?

the word technology has been rampantly used that we have taken the meaningfor granted. to many, technology simply means the use of machines for produced human needs. to others

How is technology related to society?

Technology is related to society because it can help people work faster and easier. Like texting and calling on cellphones, sending e-mails on computers, researching something

Effects of science and technology in society?

Here are a few of the effects! 1) They expand society's knowledge: Science helps humans gain increased understanding of how the world works, while technology helps scientist

Why is technology important to your society?

everything we do today evolves around technology so you either keep up with it or be like older people where they cannot relate to todays society

How does technology affect your environment and the society?

Solid waste management , bio fuel , water recycling and disposal industrial waste technologies can be used to protect the environment otherwise it can produce negative affects

What are the effects of technology on society today?

  Not all of the changes created by technology are good. Advances in medical technology have extended the time people live.But sometimes the quality of life for these
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How do science and technology affect society?

Technology and Science have to be looked at individually. Technology, when though of, is what man has created ("tech" means craft). Technology can govern what is said about a