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How does the Molotov song Gimme Tha Power reflect Mexican society?

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It is a political and protest song, which reflects the opinions of a large part of the Mexican society:

La Policia te esta extorcionando (dinero)
pero ellos viven de lo que tu estas pagando

The police is extorting you (money)
but they live from what your are paying

reflects the general disgust from the population towards the Mexican police, often saw as inefficient and corrupt

hay que arrancar el problema de raiz (aha)
y cambiar al gobierno de nuestro país

we have to uproot the problem (aha)
and change the government of our country

means the people are fed up with a bad, inefficient and corrupt government (the song was written in 1997, when the PRI party was still holding the presidential seat in Mexico) and should change it for the better

porque fuimos potencia mundial
somos pobres nos manejan mal

'cause we were a global power
we are poor, we are mishandled

Historically, Mexico was a world power, but years of internal turmoil and bad economic decisions, have diminished the status of Mexico to that of a "poor" country.

Summarizing, such song reflects much of what Mexican people think of their government. At the year the song was published, it became an instant hit, and helped (among many other things, of course) to create awareness about the bad shape of the economy and politics in Mexico, thus helping the eventual downfall of the PRI on the presidential elections held in the year 2000.
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