How have immigrants affected the culture of the northeast?

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How did immigration in 1870-1920 affect the popular culture?

Between 1870 to 1920, the new immigrants coming to the UnitedStates had shifted from western European protestants to immigrantsfrom eastern and southern Europe. They came from

How does the immigration affect Canada's cultural?

it has effect Canada religion such as France when they were at war at Canada they have entered some religion such as Christianity some people have became Christan's but some s

What is the culture for the northeast region?

North eastern states (region) all share similarities and possibly an accent for instances new yorkans have an. Accent but clothing trends are also part of culture and music al

How does immigration affect you?

In my opinion, immigration doesn't affect people because it's justnew people entering from other states. But in a way, it does affectsome people. It affects people because the