How have immigrants affected the culture of the northeast?

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How does immigration affect Americans?

America has a history of acceptance and tolerance towards people who choose to immigrate to this country. The United States came to be known as "the land of opportunity" because people were free to work hard and succeed here. Many of us forget that this country was built and populated by immigrants (MORE)

How does immigration to the USA affect the unemployment there?

One opinion: There are an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in this country. They don't just pick tomatoes anymore. They have started taking over our middle jobs as well. A Mexican came over here from Mexico 9 years ago. It started slowing down. He got laid off a couple months later he gets ca (MORE)

Does bankruptcy affect immigration to the US?

Answer . Yes. If you are filing to sponsor someone you will need to fill out an Affidavit of Support stating you can support this person in the US without being on public assistance. You have to meet 125% of the poverty line, as stated on the forms you can download at If you fi (MORE)

What are the cultural effects of immigration?

cultural effects of immigration: americanization. which isn't nessicarily a bad thing. It seems though that the parents of children here stay strong to the way that they were raised, their culture. it's their children that become accustomed to the American ways, and some what lazy. Many of them even (MORE)

How did indentured servants affect immigration?

Indentured servitude only lasted in the Colonial US until the early 1700s. If and indentured servant survived (most indentured servants were worked to death by their "owner") his term then his former "owner" must give him some land to settle on. These lands were located in the Colonial US, and the i (MORE)

Does immigration affect businesses?

Yes, immigration does affect businesses. Immigrants that apply forjobs must have a certain level of documents in place to prevent thecompany form violations. Companies are required to provide trainingmaterials and employment materials that the individuals canunderstand even if they have limited Engl (MORE)

How did immigration in 1870-1920 affect the popular culture?

Between 1870 to 1920, the new immigrants coming to the UnitedStates had shifted from western European protestants to immigrantsfrom eastern and southern Europe. They came from Russia, Italy,Poland, Greece, and China. They were much poorer than previousimmigrants had been, and were Greek Orthodox, Ca (MORE)

How did immigration affect America?

Immigration has had a major effect on the United States. Other thanthe Native Americans that were on the continent when Columbusarrived, everyone has immigrants in their history.

How does immigration affect the US?

Immigration ha s effected the u.s.a because immigrants have came with different languages and cultures and music,ideas and a lot of other things that us here in the u.s. immigrants came with there languages and that makes it difficult to help the new students who are immigrants to understand what th (MORE)

How does immigration affect Canada's population?

Immigration can be a positive solution or a nightmare to a country's population. If the immigrant has no history of negative qualities, then they could make a positive contribution to Canada's development. If the immigrant comes to Canada legally, contributes the taxes required, respects the laws (MORE)

How does the immigration affect Canada's cultural?

it has effect Canada religion such as France when they were at war at Canada they have entered some religion such as Christianity some people have became Christan's but some stayed at their religion in Canada.

How does immigrants shape culture in the US?

Pretty much in every way imaginable. There is no " United States " Original people. If your not a Native American, your an immigrant somewhere along the line back 10,000BC. So the world you see, or at least the culture boom around the 1900's, hits in food like pizza and hotdogs, to cars we drive be (MORE)

Is Immigration affecting the US?

Immigration has been shaping the US since the 18th century onwards. Economy, productivity, efficiency and development of exceptional skills are the positive effects of the immigration. However, it has also put the environmental resources and health care, education system under severe strain. Another (MORE)

How have immigrants influenced Canadian culture?

There is no such thing as a "Canadian" culture anymore than thereis a single Global Culture. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with many peoplesand cultures. Some of those cultures date back thousands of years, some hundredsand most just a few decades. Most Canadians have very shall (MORE)

What is the culture for the northeast region?

North eastern states (region) all share similarities and possibly an accent for instances new yorkans have an. Accent but clothing trends are also part of culture and music also

How does immigration affect you?

In my opinion, immigration doesn't affect people because it's justnew people entering from other states. But in a way, it does affectsome people. It affects people because the economy is gettingworse, there are fewer jobs, and it gets over populated.

Can it affect you if you marry an illegal immigrant?

No, but you would expose their illegal status. . They would have to go back to their home country and you'd have to file for a fiance visa to bring them legally to the US, after that you'd have to get married here and file for a I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) I-485 (Adjustment of Status) and I (MORE)

How did immigrants affect the us?

I think that immigrants affected the U.S. because without immigrants coming over from other countries, we wouldn't have other nationalities, like Irish people, or Asian people, or whatever kind of people.

How do Italian immigrants maintain their culture?

Probably the Catholic religion is the strongest single element of the Italian culture, which of course is maintained by going to church, enrolling children in Catholic schools, and so forth. And then there is traditional Italian food, which is prepared and eaten in Italian families. Various other as (MORE)

How does immigration affect Canadian identity?

It affects an immigrants perspective on life. --------------------- There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations with many cultures. Immigration enriches the Canadian Confederation by adding to those many cultures.

How did immigrants maintain their cultural traditions?

Mainly through oral history, and paintings or art. Wedding traditions of immigrants are passed from mother to daughter. Traditional crafts, songs, dances, and history are taught to the children. Any kind of cultural tradition is handed down to the next generation in the same way as any kind of kn (MORE)

How did Chinese immigrants affect America?

Alot of Chinese names thru-out California due to the Chinese gold prospectors in 1849; China Camp, China Wall, etc. The railroad would've took alot longer to build, as only the Chinese men were willing to blast thru the granite mountains going thru Donner Pass in the Sierra Mountains. Very few men w (MORE)

How does immigration affect unemployment?

Many people see immigration as a problem and increases unemployment. This may be a misconception. In places of high unemployment, you would not have any immigrants there simply because of no work. People see the immigrants taking all the blue collar jobs but it simply not the case. They do jobs that (MORE)

How does immigration affect religion?

Immigration can affect religion just as it does many other areas of lifestyle. The culture from the homeland is brought and shared to the migrated area. Therefore it is logical to think that religion could also be altered. IF the religion is based on biblical principals, there should be only be supe (MORE)

How does immigration affect an economy?

On the most basic level, immigration strictly increases the levelof labor and human capital in a given economy. This meansthat immigrants bring their skills and work to the country theymove to, increasing economic production. Additionally, immigrantsoften bring capital with them in the form of p (MORE)

How did Immigration affect the creation of Canada?

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow expedited immigration processing to meet provincial labour market and business needs. There are two types of PNP program, the skilled worker PNP for occupations in demand and the business immigration program designed to allow expedited immigration processing (MORE)

How have immigrants affected Canada?

they took all of our jobs. ------- The above answer is one of many. More than 20% of the Canadian population is Foreign-born, immigrants. We call them First Generation Canadian because once a person has citizenship they have all the rights of multi-generational Canadians. They can hold any (MORE)

How were first nations affected by immigration?

They were pushed off their lands and marginalised. Later the government and Churches rounded up and shipped children off to residential schools. This single act was more destructive to First Nations culture than every other act. Children were forbidden to talk in their own language, forced to attend (MORE)

How has immigration affected Singapore?

It has helped to build the economy for the people, because the more people there are the more jobs that will be filled therefore bringing in lots of revenue for the country because of its amount of exports

How does immigrants from Mexico affect the economy?

Although they are demonized for "stealing jobs", the reality is that they perform jobs nobody else wants to do, such as babysitting, dish-washing or gardening. Also, most people think they don't pay taxes and keep using public services "for free", such as health care and education, while in reali (MORE)

What is favoring the culture of old immigrants?

Nativism is favoring the culture of old immigrants. They are very set in there ways and want to live in a country with there own people and not have to change there cultures. This is a big split between old immigrants and new immigrants.

What languages were spoken by the American Indian cultures of the Northeast?

There were two main large language families in the Northeast. Algonquin was one with 13 languages or more depending on how you count and where you draw the borders. They are: Eastern Abnaki, Western Abnaki, Etchemin, Munsee, Unami, Nipmuck, Mahican, Malecite-Passamaquoddy, Wampanoag, Mi'kmaq, (MORE)