How long does a chicken live from a chick to a full chicken?

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Depending on the breed, it should take around 5 to 6 months for a chicken to become fully grown.
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How long do chickens live for?

The lifespan of a chicken depends partially on its breed, and also on the conditions in which it is kept. The minimum is from four to six years, but up to ten years has certai

How long are chicks dependent on their mother chickens?

Chicks are dependent on the mother hen until their feathers come in. So long as they are fluffy and yellow, they need a mom. The mother teaches her chicks how to scratch for f

How long does a Australorp chicken live?

Chickens as a group generally live around 6-9 years, depending on their living conditions and quality. However, their egg production tends to drop off quite a bit after the 2n

How long do full-grown-chickens live?

It varies with breed and care. A pampered flock can have hens that live upward of 10 years but most chickens will last about 4 to 6 years unless culled and used for meat after

How old do chickens get how long do they live?

With proper care and nutrition the average chicken can live from eight to ten years,with empirical exceptions running to 12 and 15 years. Breed and strain also play a part in

How long does the chicken sit on an egg for it to be chick?

The hen sits on the eggs for 21 days, and during that time, she turns them for 18 days. The chickens usually hatch at 18-21 days, but I've had chickens hatch at 21-25 days som
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How long do americana chickens live?

Americana chickens will live approximately 4 years. The chickenscan be a producers for approximately 2 1/2 years. As the chickengets older, it will lay less eggs.
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How long is a living chicken?

It was told that a rooster could live from 8-10 years and maybe even twenty if taken care of well. Remimber, if you have a parrot would you eat him? Well why not you already e
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How long do Sultan chickens live?

The Sultan is a chicken breed from Turkey. They are decorativebirds of three varieties (black, blue and white) and kept for theirappearance, not for meat or egg production. Ma