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Answer Every person is different. So, it can take different amounts of time to grow on and off a habit for different people. It also depends on what the habit is.

Although your question is too general to offer much help, you may find this interesting to observe regarding creating or changing "habits".

Simple repetitive tasks require a time frame of approximately 21 days to condition.

Here is a familiar example: When you walk into your bedroom you "automatically" reach for the light switch on the left side as you enter. Then you move to a new home where the light switch is located on the right side as you enter. You will find that it will take you about 21 days to stop reaching for that light switch on the left side. (that is not there!). You will also find this 21 day "benchmark" to be the time your new house will start feeling "like home".
 Answer:Around 30 - 40 repetitions, with most people.

It depends on how type of person you are; and also depends on that you are human being or animal.

Animals take more time then human beings to make anything their habit, and they also take more time to leave that habit.

Also, human beings differ from person to person.

 Answer:21 days is not an accurate answer! That number appears to have been invented by a self-styled self-help expert based on guesswork. Research shows that the amount of time varies greatly depending on how complex the activity is, how often it's performed, and other factors. In one experiment habit formation took anywhere from 1 month to 8 months.
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