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How long has art been around for?

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Art has actually been around almost as long as the world itself. We can trace early pieces of art as far back as the Paleolithic period, also known as the Ice Age. This was between 35,000 and 10,000 B.C.E. People from stone age already use art. +++
The Palaeolithic is not "also known as the Ice Age". It co-incided with part of the last glacial maximum of the (still-continuing?) Ice Age, a series of alternating cold and warm phases. We may be living in one such warm phase. If not...
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How long has art been around?

I would say since man evolved to know how to paint/draw something.  After all, there are loads of cave paintings from  millions thousands of years ago. (Man appeared far  l

How long has persecution been around?

There has been persecution found throughout history and the some of the earliest times that come to mind are the Egyptians back in 3000 B.C., they used people captured from ot
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How long has Chinese martial arts been around?

Four thousand years; although Kung Fu was not invented until the 500's A.D., prior to the invention of Kung Fu, China had its own indigenous sword, spear, and wrestling arts.

How long has art been going on for?

Currently, the oldest known rock art (Africa, Australasia, and  Europe) has been dated from the Upper Paleolithic period- 50,000 to  10,000 years ago.