How long should you wait before using the floor after applying water base polyurethane?

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This will depend on the humidity and temperature of the room, but generally 24 hours.
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How can you tell the difference between water based and oil base polyurethane once it is on the floor?

Generally a colour difference is the thing to be looking for. An oil based poly will generally have a browning effect on the timber that increases with age. A waterbase poly w

Can you apply a water base polyurethane over an oil based polyurethane?

No you cant ,you should never ever put water base over anything except oil base primer and any other water base paints.If you put water base paint over anything that is oil ba

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Can you apply water based polyurethane over tung oil?

Yes u could put a acrylic poly over tung oils, make sure your tung oil is dry my take2 months.oil urethanes yellow in time acrylics will but last twice as long before they yel

How do you make polyurethane water based?

You don't. Polyurethane is a carbamate-based polymer. Water has essentially nothing to do with it. You make it by reacting compounds with isocyanate groups with compounds wi