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How long will frozen meat keep?

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6-8 months is the rule of thumb for frozen raw meats. However, I wouldn't keep deer meat or other wild game meats for more than 4 months as well as frozen cooked meats. Some people say a year is fine, but I think better safe than sorry. Meat can be frozen for months, as long as it is used as soon as you defrost it, and don't refreeze it. It varies depending on the type of meat. See the following link for specifics: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Focus_On_Freezing/index.asp
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How long can you keep frozen beef?

Until it molds Which would be a very long time. Mold doesn't grow in a properly cold freezer (usually 0-10F.) Really you can keep food frozen until it dries out, and even long

How long can frozen meat sit out?

Frozen meat should not be allowed to thaw at room temperature due to the possibility of bacterial growth as portions of it warm up.   Meat can be quick-thawed in the pack

How long do frozen meats last?

frozen meats can last upto 3 years in a freezer but can not be defrosted then re-freezed due to the bacteria in the meats not being dormant. once meat has been de-frosted it

How long does frozen tuna keep?

It depends on the quality of the preparation and freezing process. Quality can begin to noticeably deteriorate as early as 1 month, and almost certainly by 6 months.

How long should meat be frozen?

Hot dogs and luncheon meats - 1 to 2 months Bacon and Sausage - 1 to 2 months Ham - 1 to 2 months Poultry, cooked - 4 to 6 months Poultry, fresh (uncooked) - 9 months

How long can vacuum sealed meat be frozen?

If properly done, vacuum sealing will drastically extend the life of your food. The following are approximate shelf lives for vacuum sealed products: Fresh Meat: To maximize