How many US military bases are there worldwide?

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As of June 2015, these are some 210 U.S. Army - Navy - Air Force - Marine bases worldwide, although this count might be high by 85 as many Army and Air Farce bases bases are being combined and/or closed down in order to reduce the American military forces in Europe and cut costs in the United States..
There are 761 US Military Bases across the planet. 156 Countries with US bases. 46 Countries with no US presence. 63 countries with US Military Bases and Troops. 7 Countries with 13 New Military Bases since 09/11/2001. In 2001 the US had 255,065 Troops Posted Abroad.
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Why does the us have foreign military bases?

Most of which go back to past wars and treaties signed after the wars are ended, if you look at where we have bases overseas you can look back at past wars the US has been inv

How many military bases are in the US?

Number of US Military Bases . There are 440 military bases in the continental United States according to a list of bases posted on the website. Bases in Alaska (3 Ar

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U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay was a major ship-repair, supply, and rest and recreation facility of the United States Navy located in Zambales , Philippines . It was the large

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After government consolidation of military assets/facilities, thenumber of military installations (USAF, USA, USN, USMC) was reducedto approximately 40. This number does not i

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The Oldest Active Military base in the United States in West Point in New York. However now it is called the United States Military Academy at West Point where they train cade
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No, to my knowledge, their are no foreign military bases within the US, but we DO have bases in Germany as well as many other countries. However, these other countries are not
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How many US Military Bases are in Okinawa?

As of now, there are 38 US Military facilities in Okinawa. This includes bases, training grounds, camps, storage areas, and any other items not immediately connected to one an