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How many battles were kamikazes used in and how many kamikaze pilots died?

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Around 2000 kamikaze flights were mounted during World War II. They sank 40 US ships.  
3,913 Japanese kamikaze pilot's died altogether.
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Who were the kamikaze?

They were like the WWII version of suicide bombers. The Japanese had (not sure if they still have or not) strict codes of honour. They would rather die than surrender or be ta

Who is Kamikaze?

Kamikaze is what the Japanese called a weather pattern surroundingtheir island. When enemies have tried to attack Japan the wind andwave patterns made it impossible for the at

What are kamikaze pilots?

Kamikaze pilots where pilots in the Japanese air force most notably during World War 2. There objective was to fly into American frigates, destroyers and air craft carriers du

What are kamikazes?

Kamikazes were Japanese suicide planes (around 1944-1945) whose pilots deliberately crashed themselves into Allied warships. Japan was faring poorly during the last year of Wo

What do kamikaze do?

They are young Japanese men who were air force trained during the World War II. The were suicide pilots who would purposely crash their planes loaded with explosives, into A

What is the kamikaze pilot?

the kamikaze pilots were japenese pilots that purposely crashed there planes into allied ships, commiting suicide..

Who were the Kamikazes?

The Kamikazes were a group of suicidal Japanese pilots during World War II, they would purposely crash into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to safe the Japanese Empire.

What were the Kamikazes?

Japanese suicide pilots who crashed their planes into American navy ships in a desperate attempt to win the war. Kamikaze means "Divine Wind" in Japanese.

What did kamikazes do?

They were Japanese suicide fighter pilots. They would fly planes into ships. As the war in the pacific continued the Japanese leader's new that the American Navy was out growi

How many kamikaze were in the war?

From the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944, to the Battle of Okinawa in April -June of 1945; Japan's ARMY and NAVY expended approximately 2800 Kamikazes. For the planned in

How many Americans died during the kamikaze attacks?

According to the U.S. Air Force, a total of 2,800 kamikaze attackers sank 34 Navy ships, and damaged 368 more. They killed 4,900 sailors; and wounded over 4,800 more.

What where the kamikazes?

Kamikazes were people who killed themselves to save Japan by using a plane to smash into enemy ships, carriers and buildings.