How many calories does the average person burn in running a mile?

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Running 7 mph the average person burns 823 calories
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How many calories do you burn running a mile?

It depends on how fast or slow you run, but anywhere between 70-110. It really depends on your weight and how fast you run the mile. Say the average person is 150 lbs and runs

How many calories burned running one mile?

Calories burned running one mile An average person burns about 100 to 200 calories. However it could be more under certain circumstances. It depends on your weight, how fast

How many calories does a quarter mile run burn?

At a sedate 20 minute mile pace, running a quarter mile will burn30 calories for a 160 pound person. This number will go up as thepace quickens. Not really enough to matter in

How many calories do you burn if you run a mile?

The number of calories burned running a mile depends on your age, your weight, your degree of fitness, your body composition, where you are running (flat ground or incline) an

How many calories do you burn when you jog or run three miles?

It all depends on your weight. If you run the whole thing and are about 130 pounds you may burn up to 250 calories. If you jog it will be a little less. :( if you run this amo

How many miles do you have to run to burn calories?

As long as you are alive you are already burning calories. Andthe more physically active you are - the more you use your muscles- the more calories you burn. So how far you ha