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How many calories does the average person burn in running a mile?

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Running 7 mph the average person burns 823 calories
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How many calories do you burn running a mile?

It depends on how fast or slow you run, but anywhere between 70-110.   It really depends on your weight and how fast you run the mile. Say the average person is 150 lbs an

How many calories does the average person burn when you have a bowel movement or when you are constipated and when you have diarrhea?

Answer . Not a lot because the body digests the food and takes the nutrients out and having a bowel movement is the waste particles from the body (just like urinating.) C

How many calories do you burn when running 2 miles?

435 calories when running at a speed of 5mph About 200 calories (averaging from many different websites) but it depends on your weight, your degree of fitness, how fast you ru

How many calories burned running one mile?

Calories burned running one mile   An average person burns about 100 to 200 calories. However it could be more under certain circumstances. It depends on your weight, how

How many calories do you burn running 3 miles?

It all depends how fast you run and how many breaks you take. it is best to keep a pace you know you can sustain, don't go all out or you will be tired in under a minute, and

How many calories do you burn in 1 mile run?

it depends on if your running uphill, a relatively even surface, or going downhill. If you are running up hill you will burn more calories, but if you were running down hill y
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How many calories burned running?

Calories burned running   This will vary based on a wide variety of factors such as your weight, your current physical condition, the intensity of the run in relation to en

How many calories does a quarter mile run burn?

At a sedate 20 minute mile pace, running a quarter mile will burn  30 calories for a 160 pound person. This number will go up as the  pace quickens. Not really enough to mat