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How many calories does the average person burn in running a mile?

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Running 7 mph the average person burns 823 calories
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How many calories do you burn running a mile?

It depends on how fast or slow you run, but anywhere between 70-110.   It really depends on your weight and how fast you run the mile. Say the average person is 150 lbs an

How many calories burned running one mile?

Calories burned running one mile   An average person burns about 100 to 200 calories. However it could be more under certain circumstances. It depends on your weight, how

How many calories does a quarter mile run burn?

At a sedate 20 minute mile pace, running a quarter mile will burn  30 calories for a 160 pound person. This number will go up as the  pace quickens. Not really enough to mat

How many calories do you burn when you jog or run three miles?

It all depends on your weight. If you run the whole thing and are about 130 pounds you may burn up to 250 calories. If you jog it will be a little less. :( if you run this amo

How many calories burned running two miles an hour?

Depends on a lot of things, but mainly on how long you keep it up. 2 miles an hour isn't much of a pace, actually more like walking speed, so maybe something like 300 cals/hou
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How many calories would you burn running 4 miles?

What's the Burn? A Calorie Calculator / You can use the formulas below to determine your calorie-burn while running and walking. The "Net Calorie Burn" measures calories burne
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How many calories do you burn in 1 mile run?

it depends on if your running uphill, a relatively even surface, or going downhill. If you are running up hill you will burn more calories, but if you were running down hill y