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How many countries have nuclear submarines?

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How many countries have nuclear missiles?

  Answer to the question     Maybe 7 countries. USA, Russia, UK, France, China , India and Pakistan.   Note: I am very sure USA, Russia ,India and Pakistan has

How many nuclear submarines does the US have?

The current total is 71 active and 2 reserve as of May 2011 - Commissioned 14 SSBN's (Ballistic Missile Submarines) 4 SSGN's (Cruise Missile Submarines, converted SSBN's

How many countries have nuclear submarine?

  From Wikipedia: Today, six countries deploy some form of nuclear-powered strategic submarines: the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, People's Republic

What country has the strongest nuclear submarine force?

  The United States. The Soviet Union was the only other contender, of course, but with the fall of the USSR the Soviet Navy was unable to pay for maintenance on their fle

Which country built the world's deepest and most silent nuclear submarine nicknamed 'Losharik'?

The Soviet (later Russian) submarine "Losharik" (Project 210) design (multiple pressure-hull spheres with a submarine external superstructure) is believed to be able to approa

How many Muslim countries have nuclear?

Answer 1 If you are asking for nuclear weapons Pakistan is the only Islamic country who have nuclear weapons. However, Iran's nuclear program is rumored to be intending to cre

How many nuclear submarines have ever sank?

A total of 8 known nuclear submarines have sunk (all but one due to accidents) in the almost 55 years since they were created. U.S. NAVY USS Thresher (SSN-593) - Thresher-cla

How many nuclear submarines does Britain have today?

The Royal Navy Operates 6 Trafalgar class submarines and 1 Astute class. These submarines are called 'attack' or 'hunter-killer' submarines and have roles such as land attack
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How many nuclear countries?

I suspect you mean countries with nuclear weapons. If so they are: Britain France China (PRC) USA Russia India Pakistan North Korea There is strong evidence that Israel has n