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How many cups of chicken make one pound?

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2 cups of boneless chicken make 1 pound
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How many calories in one pound of chicken?

Calories in one pound of chicken    In cooked and raw examples of whole chicken and ground chicken there are:      approx 736-752 calories in 1 pound (16 ounc

How many cups of cooked diced chicken does a 3 pound whole chicken yield?

  According to several different websites, a 3 pound chicken yields about 4 cups of cooked chicken. Of course, it depends on how good you are at getting the meat off the c

How many cups make a pound?

It depends on what you're measuring (specifically, it depends on the density of what you're measuring). For foodstuffs, 1 pound = 2 cups is usually pretty close.

How many cups of chicken equals a pound?

Answer   1/2 quart = 1 cup   A gallon = 8 pounds SO 1/2 a gallon = 4 lbs / 1 quart = 2 lbs and 1/2 a quart is 1 pound. 1 gallon = 16 cups / 1/2 quart = 1 cup.   MB

How many cups in one pound?

  Pounds are weight and cups are volume (size). They are not convertible to each other. Yes, they both use ounces but it is a common mistake to assume that fluid ounces (8
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How many pounds are in one cup?

It depends on the size on the cup you are talking about and the weight of things in the cup but a cup is not a true measurement like ounces to pounds. You can weigh how many p