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How many hits has Google gotten since they started?

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If i am a 15 year old girl and i started my period and got it for two months but haven't gotten it for about five months since what is going on?

Answer   Hormones which affect your period are "fat soluable", meaning that they need SOME fat to function. BUT, if there is too much fat, often the hormones build up in

How far has it gotten with cheer stunting since it first started?

I have gotten super far in cheer stunting because you have to really keep your balance and you have to trust your team if you don't you'll probably be nervous and fall so stre

How many hits does Google get a day?

According to comScore, in October 2009, Americans logged in over  9.6 billion searches. Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and you  get 320 zillion searches a day.  

How far have we gotten since the space race?

  Well considering all the things we could do we are very early in the race but we are also first. Our space tech is very advanced but we have a ways to get till the finis

Why have I not gotten sick with the cold or flu since I started a Methadone program 4 years ago when I got sick all the time before that?

There could be many reasons. Off the top a guess could be that you aren't getting sick because you are no longer using street drugs or narcotics now that you are on a Methadon