How many languages are there which are based on the Latin alphabet?

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The majority of languages in the world with an alphabet are based on the Latin alphabet.

Virtually all of the countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Western Europe use the Latin Alphabet.

A Notable exception is Greece, which uses the Greek alphabet.
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Are the characters used in English and other Latin-based languages called Roman characters?

\n. \n Roman Characters \n. \nYes. The vast majority of languages that have alphabets use the Roman alphabet, sometimes with a few additional characters. The origin of the language isn't very relevant. \n. \nFor example, until well into the 1850s Romanian, though derived mainly from Latin, wa (MORE)

What are the latin based languages besides English and spanish?

First, English is not a Latin based language, it is a west Germanic language. The Ancestors of the English people came from what is now Germany into England around the time that the roman empire was collapsing. Many people have the misconception that English is a Latin based language because a lot o (MORE)

Is German a Latin based language?

Answer . German is not a Latin based language. German is a West Germanic language. German is not a Latin based language because it is not a romance language. A Romance language is a language that is derived directly from Latin. They inlude Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Germ (MORE)

Is english a latin based language?

No, not at all. English is a Germanic language. It evolved from West Germanic and is still closely related to other Germanic languages such as German, Dutch, and Norwegian. The reason why we have so many words of Latin origin is that we have taken in a lot of foreign borrowings from the French, but (MORE)

Is Thai a Latin based language?

I think it based on Bali and Sansakrit, the same base as Indian language. Answer No. The languages based on Latin are referred to as the "Romance" languages, and they are French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian.

What are latin based languages called?

Languages that developed from Latin are known as "Romance" languages. The term comes from the Latin phrase Romanice loqui , which means "to speak in Roman fashion". Languages that descended from Latin are collectively called the Romance languages , though you may also hear them referred to as th (MORE)

What are Latin-based languages?

Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, French. (These are the only ones I could think of).. Occitan,Ladino, Romanche, Maltese (partly)

Latin based languages are called?

They are called the Romance languages. The most common ones are: . Aragonese . Aromanian . Arpitan . Asturian . Catalan . Corsican . Emiliano-Romagnolo . French . Friulan . Galician . Italian . Ladino . Leonese . Lombard . Mirandese . Neapolitan . Occitan . Piedmontese . Portugu (MORE)

Are there languages that have no alphabet?

Some of the languages of the indigenous peoples of North America had no written form. The indigenous peoples of Australia also had no written language, I believe, in a formal sense. In many cultures have very elaborate art forms that express the elements of a story, but these don't count as formal w (MORE)

Has anyone heard of the latin based language called gourdinian?

Gourdinian is a romance language, but unique in the fact that it has a highly Greek lexicon as well as Latin. It is also an inflected language with six cases- nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative and ablative. All articles are optional and are used more in the west of Europe than in th (MORE)

Which languages use the Latin alphabet?

There are over 6000 Languages in the world, and the majority of them use the Latin-based alphabet. Here is a partial list: . Afrikaans . Albanian . Aragonese . Asturian . Azeri . Basque . Boholano . Breton . Catalan . Cebuano . Cornish . Corsican . Croatian . Czech . Danish . Dutch (MORE)

How did the Greek alphabet influence the Latin alphabet?

The modern English Alphabet evolved from Phoenician: through Hellenic; Greek; Roman; Old English; Middle English; Modern English.. The letters for the phonemes: F; U; V; W; Y. Came from the Phoenician WAW; their name for the "w" phoneme in modern English. P: Phonecian symbol for the mouth. As (MORE)

How is the Latin alphabet different from the English alphabet?

The Latin alphabet IS the same as the English alphabet, with the exception of a few letters. The Modern Latin Alphabet is exactly the same as the English Alphabet. The Classic Latin alphabet is missing J, U, and W. There were no lower case letters at first, and K, Y and Z used only for writing wo (MORE)

Is the alphabet a language?

No. An alphabet is not a language. It is a set of symbols usedto write a language. One alphabet can be used to write more thanone language. Because an alphabet represents sounds, to some degreeany alphabet can be used to write any language, although mostlanguages use one preferred alphabet. . For e (MORE)

Is Portuguese a Latin based language?

Yes. Portuguese along with Spanish, French, Romanian and Italian are Latin based languages. English has about 45% Latin based words with the remainder being derived from Low German, Anglo Saxon and Celt. A search through a dictionary will reveal just how many of our words are Latin based. One exampl (MORE)

Is English a germanic or latin based language?

English is a Germanic language (West Germanic, closely related to German and Dutch) that draws heavily on Romance languages for it's upper stratum vocabulary. It's primary vocabulary is 95% Germanic.

What is a language based on latin?

It is a language that has evolved from Latin, known as Romance languages. Some examples are Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Catalan...

What language is Latin based off of?

Latin descends from the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. Itwas influenced by the Etruscan language and the Greek alphabet.With these influences it developed into Latin in the Italianpeninsula.

How many languages use the English alphabet?

There is no English alphabet: English is written with the Latin alphabet. as of the 21st Century, more languages use Latin-based alphabets than any other (more than 1000 languages).

Latin based languages are called languages?

Yes they are. More specifically, they are called Romance Languages. The most common ones are: . Aragonese . Aromanian . Arpitan . Asturian . Catalan . Corsican . Emiliano-Romagnolo . French . Friulan . Galician . Italian . Ladino . Leonese . Lombard . Mirandese . Neapolitan . Occit (MORE)

The greek alphabet was based on which alphabet?

The Greek alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet, which asnot a "true" alphabet. It was something called an 'abjad' (usingonly consonants)-Greek was the first language to use a "true"alphabet, consisting of both vowels and consonants. The Phoenician alphabet only used consonants, with some c (MORE)

What is a Latin based language?

The Romance languages are all based on Latin, since they all evolved from Latin. There are dozens of Romance languages, but most are no longer spoken. The most common living Romance languages are: . Aragonese . Aromanian . Arpitan . Asturian . Catalan . Corsican . Emiliano-Romagnolo . Frenc (MORE)

What two languages that use the Latin alphabet?

Many languages use the Latin Alphabet. Here is a partial list: Afrikaans Albanian Basque Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Finnish French Frisian Galician German Hawaiian Hausa Hungarian Icelandic Ilocano Indonesian Irish Gaelic Italian Latvian Lithuanian Malay Maltese (MORE)

What languages were based on latin?

There are many languages based on Latin. They are called romance languages. The five mains ones are Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian and Portuguese. Others include Occitan, Catalan, Sardinian, Sicilian, Galician, Corsican, Andalusian, Gourdinian, Asturian, Rumansch and others. Some of them are now (MORE)

Is the English language Latin based?

not entirely. It is mostly based off of germanic languages brought over from early settlers in modern day England by people from modern day Germany and Sweden. however English is also based off of french, which is a latin based language. You will see heavy signs of Latin (French in general) influ (MORE)

Why is Latin a dead language when there are so many Latin-os around?

I think Latinos are Mexican (If i have my facts wrong i did not mean intended to offend any Mexicans or Latinos) Latin is dead because people just stopped speaking it and it faded. You could still learn Latin in College though. Answer Actually Latinos are anyone born in North or South America (MORE)

How does written Chinese differ from alphabet based language?

People have to memorise numerous charaters, there are 10,000charaters we see in daily life while a lot more rare charaters thatwe don't usually see, a word is formed with a charater and avocabulary is formed with more than one word while one word canhave more than one meaning, every word in a senten (MORE)

How is the Latin alphabet different for the English alphabet?

The Romans used 23 letters to write Latin. There were no lower case letters at first and K - Y and Z were used for writing works of Greek origin. J-U- and W were added at a later stage to write in languages other than Latin. J is a variant of I and U is a variant of V. The letter W is a double (MORE)