How many languages are there which are based on the Latin alphabet?

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The majority of languages in the world with an alphabet are based on the Latin alphabet.

Virtually all of the countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Western Europe use the Latin Alphabet.

A Notable exception is Greece, which uses the Greek alphabet.
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Is German a Latin based language?

Answer . German is not a Latin based language. German is a West Germanic language. German is not a Latin based language because it is not a romance language. A Romance lan

Which languages use the Latin alphabet?

There are over 6000 Languages in the world, and the majority of them use the Latin-based alphabet. Here is a partial list: . Afrikaans . Albanian . Aragonese . Asturian .

What is a Latin based language?

The Romance languages are all based on Latin, since they all evolved from Latin. There are dozens of Romance languages, but most are no longer spoken. The most common living R

What two languages that use the Latin alphabet?

Many languages use the Latin Alphabet. Here is a partial list: Afrikaans Albanian Basque Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Finnish French Frisian

Is the English language Latin based?

not entirely. It is mostly based off of germanic languages brought over from early settlers in modern day England by people from modern day Germany and Sweden. however English