How many legally owned guns in US?

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No way to answer your question. In the US, there is no requirement under Federal law to register firearms, so no records of how many guns total, It is estimated that at least 25% of US households have at least one firearm.
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Legal age for owning a hand gun?

Federal Law . 18 USC 44.922(b)(1) x)(1) It shall be unlawful for a person to sell, deliver, or. otherwise transfer to a person who the transferor knows or has. reasonable cause to believe is a juvenile -. (A) a handgun; or. (B) ammunition that is suitable for use only in a handgun.. (2) It sha (MORE)

Do you have a legal right to own a gun?

Unless you are a convicted felon then it is one of your first amendment rights in the United States. Actually this is a right guaranteed under the second amendment to the constitution of the United States not the first. " A well regulated militia,being necessary for a free state, the right of the (MORE)

Are machine guns legal to own in the US?

Yes. However legal machine guns are very tightly controlled. States and local governments can make their own laws that are more restrictive, so that is not true everywhere. Federal law requires that you apply for a "transfer tax stamp" which requires a fair amount of paperwork, background chec (MORE)

Is the MP5K-PDW gun legal to own?

Yes, as long as the weapon was produced before May 1986 and the owner complies with all the regulations of the National Firearms Act.

What is the Legal age to own a gun in US?

18 for long guns. 21 for hand guns. --- Actually, those are the ages for purchasing from a dealer. Federal law does not list an age limit for possession of long guns and lists 18 as the age limit for possession of handguns -- though you will not be able to buy ammo for a handgun until age 21.

Do you need a gun license to legally own a gun?

Depends on where you are- law varies state to state, and country to country. To purchase a gun from a dealer in the US, you must be 18 for a rifle or shotgun, and 21 for handguns, machineguns, etc. (Federal law- Title 18, US Code, Section 922- applies to ALL states) Some (not all) states require you (MORE)

Are stun gun legal in the US?

Yes they are legal in most states except for a few. They are illegal or have some restrictions in the following States: . HAWAII . ILLINOIS . MASSACHUSETTS . MICHIGAN . NEW JERSEY . NEW YORK . RHODE ISLAND . WISCONSIN

Legal age to own a gun in Arizona?

18 years of age to own any rifle, shotgun or handgun.\n. \nHowever, you must be 21 to purchase handguns or handgun ammunition from any dealers.\n. \n. \nThat being said, your handgun would have to be purchased from a private party, face-to-face.

Is it legal to own a stun gun?

Stun gun laws are always changing so make sure you check the Penal Code where you live. It depends in what state or city you live in the USA: STATES WHERE STUN DEVICES SUCH AS STUN GUNS AND TASERS ARE RESTRICTED: * HAWAII * ILLINOIS * MASSACHUSETTS * MICHIGAN * NEW JERSEY * NEW YO (MORE)

Where in the world is it legal to own a gun?

AMERICA OF COURSE! Now seriously, many countries have laws which enable you to have gun if you are certified with a licence. USA is one of those.. You can own a gun in most of the U.S. without a license. You do, most of the time, have to have a permit to carry a handgun on your person, however.

Who uses guns legally?

police, SWAT team, military, peopple like that.. And plenty of people that aren't any of those use guns legally also. I use a gun legally every day. Shooting instructors, target shooters, competitors in shooting competitions, hunters, collectors, people who use guns for self defense; those all come (MORE)

Are automatic guns legal to own?

Legal depends on the law where YOU live. We get questions from all 50 states, and several other countries- and you did not say where you live. In the US, semi-automatic firearms are legal in all 50 states. Fully automatic guns, such as machineguns, ARE legal in most of the US. They must be registere (MORE)

How many people in the US own a gun?

Approximately 80 million people in 52 million households own 260 million firearms. Unfortunately, only about 4 million are actively supporting the right to bear arms as members of the NRA. If you are one of the other 76 million, please join us.

What is the legal age to own a gun in Missouri?

The last person to answer this question was obviously uneducated. You can be gifted a gun at any age in Missouri, so long as you don't carry it or it isn't automatic. You can buy long guns (shotguns, rifles) at any age in a private transaction WITH parental consent, and at a dealer at age 18. You ca (MORE)

What is the legal age to own an airsoft gun?

The legal age is 18. but most cops will let you have them earlier than that. I'm 13 and i own 17 airsoft guns. my brother is 10 and owns 4 airsoft guns. Are you talking about the 'States' or other western countries because I live in the Land Down Under and I can find no reference at all about mi (MORE)

Was it legal for Jews to own guns?

That depends on the period and country you are asking about. Under British Mandate Palestine, Jews were not allowed to own guns while there were no restrictions on Arab gun ownership.

Can you have a legally owned gun in your car?

It depends on which state, but also, it depends on what you mean. You can "transport" a gun in your car in any state, as long as it is unloaded and not accessible, but a few cities around the country have additional regulations. You can carry a loaded gun where it is accessible in a few states wit (MORE)

What is the legal age to use an air gun on your own land?

You don't need a specific age, but it says on the package that you have to be a specific age to shoot the air-gun, usually 15-18 depending on how strong the air-gun is. and if its on your own land, you can generally be any age, just so long by land you mean your own old do have to be t (MORE)

Is it legal to own a uzi gun in California?

An IMI Uzi is listed in the Roberti ban, so an actual Uzi is illegal. They do have other companies that produce an identical receiver but because it is not made by IMI, it is legal in California. Keep in mind, in California: If is is purchased as a pistol, it cannot have a stock. If it is purchas (MORE)

Can a US civilian legally own a submachine gun?

Yes. To be transferrable, the firearm must have been manufactured and imported prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968 (for imported weapons), or have been manufactured prior to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (for domestically manufactured weapons, including imported weapons which were made (MORE)

Legal age for owning a gun?

Varies by country. In the US, it's 18 for Title I long barreled firearms (rifles and shotguns), and 21 for handguns and Title II NFA items (machine guns, short barreled rifles, suppressors, etc).

What are all the machine guns a US citizen can own legally?

For imported machine guns, anything which was imported and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. For domestically manufactured weapons (including imported weapons which have had parts replaced with a sufficient number of parts to not be considered imported under 922r), (MORE)

Are you legally able to own guns in Australia?

Yes. . However, there are strict gun licence laws, and anyone who wants to own or use a firearm must have a Firearms Licence. As it currently stands, only a very small percentage (around 5%) of Australians actually own a gun.

Can a US citizen ever legally own an automatic gun?

I assume you mean a fully automatic firearm- commonly known as a machinegun- and the answer is yes, they can. While a few states do not permit ownership of machineguns by private citizens, most do. Transfer of ownership of a full auto must be made through a dealer that holds a "Class III" endorsemen (MORE)

How many US homeowners own guns?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimateis sightly more than one third of all households have at least onefirearm.

Are machine guns legal in the us?

Yes, but they are highly restricted by laws passed in 1934, 1968, and 1986. The paperwork to possess a machine gun takes months to be processed. Possession without this paperwork is a federal felony worth 10 years in federal prison.

Is it legal to own a Gatling gun?

Depends on where you live, and how the Gatling Gun is operated. In MOST of the US, a hand cranked Gatling Gun is legal to own, if you can meet the legal requirements to own an ordinary gun. However, the last one I saw for sale was around $15,000. If the Gatling Gun is operated from a power source (t (MORE)

What do you have to do to legally own a gun in America?

Be of legal age, and be able to pass an NICS criminal background check. For a regular Title I rifle or shotgun, the age is 18. States vary on how they handle handguns. Some states require the purchase of pistol permits first, others, you buy it the same way you would a rifle. To buy a handgun, you m (MORE)

Is it legal to own thommy gun?

There are semiautomatic versions of the Tommy gun (Thompson sub-machine gun). They are legal to own. A fully automatic Tommy gun is legal in Texas only if you have the federal license.

Is owning airsoft guns legal?

yes airsoft guns are completely legal as long as they are not used as REAL FIREARMS(against animals or against human without protection). some states dont allow airsoft guns without out a permit. the states like that are NY NH NC SC ETC

Is it legal to have guns in US?

Yes. more citizens there own them than any other country. it is basic right protected by our constitution. There is nothing wrong with legal ownership of guns and helps keep our Government our Government and not let it become something else. With over 80 million gun owners owning over 800 million gu (MORE)

Is it legal to own a gun in Texas?

If you are an adult, a legal resident of the US, and not forbidden from owning a gun because of a criminal history, and are mentally competent, yes, it is legal. There are several million legal gun owners in Texas.

What is the biggest caliber gun you can own legally?

Legal implies a law. Laws are based on where you are. We get questions from many different nations here. In the US, there is no limit on the size or caliber- except that firearms larger than .50 caliber without a recognized sporting use (such as a shotgun, elephant gun, etc) must be registered as a (MORE)

How big of gun can legally be owned?

There is no size limit. Unless there is a defined sporting use for a gun (like shotguns used for hunting) if it is larger than 1/2 inch inside barrel diameter, it does need special registration as a Destructive Device.

How many legal guns are there in the us?

No exact record, since there is no requirement to register guns in MOST of the US. One estimate is 312 million owned by ordinary people.There are an estimated 200 million legal guns in the United States.