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How many orphans live in the US?

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In 2004, 70 percent of the 73.2 million children under age 18 lived with two parents, 26 percent lived with one parent, and the remaining 4 percent lived with no parent. For that 4%, that EQUALS 2.9 MILLION homeless children.
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How many US presidents were orphans?

Andrew Jackson and Herbert Hoover lost both of their parents before they reached manhood. Several other presidents lost one of their parents while they were children.

How many kids are orphans in US?

There are thousands of kids that get turned into orphans. There are so many reasons, but some are because the kid's parents get killed and they have no family that want them.
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How many orphans play sports?

not sure, but a soccer player named bebe was a homeless person and he got scouted by man utd and plays for their reserves now. So who knows who else is out there. P.S. search