How many people are needed to change a light bulb?

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20 Chinese acrobats, or one man with a ladder.
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How many people have died from changing a light bulb?

Lots. Light bulb deaths can be caused by improper wiring of high voltage (3 phase+), Falling from trying to change a high lightbulb, or some other cause of death that just h

How did light bulbs change the way people lived?

In the good ol days when it got dark all you had to read by was a candle or some sort of oil light not usually very good for the eyes,so the y helped protect and preserve eye

How did the light bulb change peoples lives?

1. less fires 2. electric light were much safer an healther because of the oil 3. it lighted street light for safty 4. people could get more money because they could work a
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How many light bulbs does a leopard gecko need?

Its not light, its temperature. Ideal temp is 86 degrees with a basking area of around 90 - 92. If the cage is too hot the animals will stay in the coolest part of the cage. I
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Why do people need the light bulb?

We need the light bulb because we can never see without it, the police and ambulance need it for emergency lights, the surgeons need it for surgery lights, the mechanics and b
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How did the light bulb change people lives?

It provided light that would not burn out or be unsafe. However electricity has to come from somewhere, and sometimes unreliable sources.