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How many people die each day in Africa?

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one in every 60 seconds..........

i do not think that is it true... well i know that a lot of kids die of starvation some of a sickness so if you add that up that would be about 5-15 kids a day
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How many children die from AIDS each day in Africa?

This is a difficult statistic to provide, as some African countries to not track or do not provide HIV and AIDS statistics. According to UNICEF, South Africa was home to 280

How many people die every day in africa?

well, one person in africa dies every three seconds. there are 60x60x24 seconds in a day, equaling 86400 seconds. 86400/3=28800. this is how many people die every day in afric

How many people die of starvation in Africa each day?

More than you will ever count in your life   Edited by CLFoYou 12/2/09: About 16,000 children die of starvation each day. That's one child every 5 seconds. This is not cou