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How many people died in the Battle of the Little Big Horn?

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American Indian losses reported by Sitting Bull's account were 36 killed and 168 wounded, while Red Horse made the count as 136 killed and 160 wounded. Custer, 15 of his officers, ten civilian scouts and 242 cavalry troopers lost their lives and another 55 were wounded.
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How many people survived little big horn?

None of the Union forces, but a majority of the Native Americans. The Native Americans had 36 killed and 160 wounded out of 12,000.

Why was the battle of little big horn important?

Once reason the Battle of Little Big Horn was important was because  it spurred funding to eliminate the Native Americans. It was  considered to be the Indians last stand in

Battle of Little Big horn weapons?

Although repeating firearms had been available since the Civil War, the 7th was issued with the single-shot Springfield carbine. It was reliable when using quality ammunition,

What cause the battle of little big horn?

The battle of Little Big Horn was caused by General Custer's over zealous desire to make a name for himself, he had hoped to be president and he had underestimated the Indian

Why did the battle of the Little big Horn happen?

the battle of big horn begun due to the cinstant ancient feud between the two households The battle of little big horn happened because the Government was trying to strip th

Who was killed in the Battle of Little Big Horn?

Deaths at Little Bighorn included 268 men of the US 7th Cavalry Regiment including it's Commander, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, and the complete annihilation of the batta

Battle of little big horn?

    It was a battle between Sioux Indians and US Cavalry

What was the importance of the Battle of Little Big Horn?

It was General George Armstrong Custers last stand with the seventh calvary and it was also the first time the plains indians united to try to keep the white settlers from run

Who won battle of little big horn?

The Battle of Little Bighorn took place around the Little Bighorn River in Montana. The Cheyanne and Sioux Indians were emboldened by recent victories over their white foes.

What was the reason for the battle of little big horn?

The The Great Sioux War of 1876, also known as the Black Hills War was fought over the rich mineral rights and timber that was present in the Lakota and Cheyenne Indian territ