How many people speak french in the world?

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110 million people speak french mo da ca
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How many people speak French in France?

Mostly whole of France speaks French as major language. A good number of population know English, German and Spanish also. A Census Report of 1999 showed that almost 86% of th

How many people speak French in Gabon?

up until 1970 gabon was a mainly french based culture and now onlyabout 10% of the population speak french French is the most spoken language in Gabon. The above answer isno

How many people speak French in Switzerland?

Approximately 20% of the Swiss population speak French as their first language. French is spoken in the western part of Switzerland, including the cities of Geneva and Laus

How many people in Canada speak French?

Roughly 31% of Canadian citizens are French-speaking and 25% are of French-Canadian descent. Not all French speakers are of French descent, and not all people of French-Canadi

How many people speak French?

According to OIF (Organisation_internationale_de_la_francophonie)and its Haut Conseil de la francophonie, there are about 300million French speakers in the world; 112.6 millio

How many people in Belgium speak french?

32% of the residents of Belgium speak French. Since the country's population is around 10,258,762, that would mean that about 3, 282, 803 speak French in Belgium.