How many people voted for Obama?

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In 2008, President Obama received almost 53% of the popular vote and 365 electoral votes. His total of 69,456,897 votes was the most ever received by a U.S. presidential candidate. In 2012, his vote total was down from 2008, but he still won with a solid margin. He received 65,367,939 popular votes, and 332 electoral votes.
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How many people voted for Barack Obama?

For the 2008 Presidential Election, according to the Federal Election Commission: 69,456,897 (52.9%) for Obama , 59,934,814 (45.7%) for McCain, and 1,865,617 (1.4%) for other

How many black people voted for Obama?

In the 2008 election, 98% of black voters voted for Barack Obama (some sources said 97%). In the 2012 election, 96% of black voters voted for Mr. Obama.

How many people did not vote for Barack Obama?

Specifically in the 2008 November US Presidential Election, 61,800,431 votes were not for Obama. 131,257,328 votes were cast. 69,456,897 votes were for Obama. If you c

How many people regret voting for Obama?

As an American soldier and a proud voter I have no regrets. Obama is a good man and even though we can not expect a full pull out during his presidency the fact that he is wil

How many people voted against Obama?

OBAMA received: 365 Electoral Votes (270 needed to win) 66,882,230 Popular Votes (1). 52% of the Total Popular Vote (1). 31% of the Total Eligible Vote (2). Three out of ten

How many dead people voted for obama?

There were reports of voter fraud where fictitious and deceased voters were registered. EDIT- There are also reports of aliens landing in the deserts of new mexico. Doesn't

How many people voted for Obama due to his race?

No one truly knows how many voted for Barack Obama because of his race, so one can only make a wild guess towards the matter. One guess would be that the same amount of peopl

How many people who voted for Obama have jobs and how many people who voted for Romney have jobs?

It is impossible to say exactly who voted for which candidate, since voting is confidential, and all we have are exit polls. However, based on those polls, the claim by Mr. Ro