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How many pictures can you take with a 32GB memory card with a 2 megapixel camera?

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Basically limitless (36,400 images). 2 megapixles won't get you far though.
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How many pictures can a 4GB memory card hold at 7.1 megapixels?

Surprisingly, my Canon Ixus 75 (7.1 megapixels) seems to think it can take 1271 pictures on a 4GB card at the highest quality level.   For any thing you need to know abou

How many pictures can you take with a 32GB memory card with a 10 megapixel camera?

At least 6400, in all likelihood.   Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's sensor -- its ability to record detail. The number of images tha

How many photos fit on a 4GB memory card in a 10-megapixel digital camera?

A 10-megapixel image in JPEG format takes up about 2,5 Mb of space (can vary depending on the quality of the photo). That means you should be able to fit about 1600 pictures o

What is the quality of pictures taken with a 2 megapixel camera?

They can really be quite good, if you compose properly. Most major manufacturers will post sample photos taken with popular camera models. What I do is enter the model number

How many pictures on a 8GB memory card in 12 megapixel camera?

"If you take 8GB and divide it by 12MPixels you get 8,000,000,000  divided by 12,000,000 which works out to 666 photos. You will get  more than that because digital cameras