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How many searches on Google Per Day?

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2.7 billion
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How many pages is Google currently searching?

In Sept 2005, google indexed about 8 billion pages. They stopped advertising their index size on their search page since then. A google blog page (http://googleblog.blo

How many days per week should you invest in your job search?

Job Searching is a daily job - in fact, it's your new full time job and you are your new boss. You have to create a structure to your week where you have goals you can achieve

Google receives how many search queries a day?

In July, 2008 Google received almost 12 billion U.S. searches so 12,000,000,000 ÷ 31 =387,096,774. Three hundred and eighty seven million, ninety six thousand, seven hundre

How many searches are made on Google each day?

According to Google Official History & Com-score Statistic Verification. Year . Annual Number of Google Searches . Average Searches Per Day . 2011. 1,722,071,000,00