How many servers does Google have?

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Google has around 1 million servers. The exact number of servers used by Google is still kept a secret. It is an assumption by experts based on the data processing capability and architecture used by Google to manage its data centers.
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Where are Google servers in India?

Rather The Company Google India situated in Hyderabad and in Mumbai , are just the Branch offices by Google US .. The Google India Servers are situated there . But If Yo

What is the size of Google server?

beyond our imagination......... Hello, The size of Google server requires minimum 2 big rooms and minimum system configuration is as below: . 1792 megabytes of memor

Where is the server of Google?

The Google search servers are located in various cities and countries around the world. They have thousands of servers, not just one.

Where was dns server location in Google?

The exact location of hardware providing an internet service is the private information of the owner of the service. Reasonably an owner would not want the servers' location

Where is server of Google located?

google has local datacentres around the world responding to searches in the local area. the main datacentre is in the google plex in silicon valley
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How many Google servers are there in Nepal?

There is only one Google server in Nepal. IT is a cache server. IT is placed in NTC office Jaulakhel. The installation of Google cached server in Nepal now users can use Googl