How many swings does it take to destroy obsidian with a diamond pickax?

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Is obsidian a diamond?

No. Obsidian is natural glass, mostly silica. Obsidian is of volcanic origin.

Is diamond stronger than obsidian?

In Minecraft, no. But in real life, yes. Diamond is a 10 on themineral hardness scale. Obsidian, a 5. Diamond is a ridiculouslydense carbon based mineral that spends millions

Can diamond break obsidian?

Diamond is the hardest substance known to man, so it can break most materials. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is very sharp and brittle. Diamond can break obsidian

Can you combine diamond and obsidian?

no you can not in the sense that they cannot blend and mix to form a new compound. you could set a combination of these stones in jewelery, though.
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How do you make a diamond pickaxe in minecraft?

You need three diamond gems and two sticks. When in the crafting table, place the two stick in the middle column, at the bottom and in the middle of it. Place so three diamon
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Do diamond and obsidian have anything in common?

Yes, both are formed in the earth, both are considered 'rocks' andboth have translucent properties. Obsidian is glass that results from volcanic eruptions; diamondsare erupte
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What are the best enchantments for the diamond pickaxe in Minecraft?

Some of the best include: Efficiency V (Breaks blocks really fast) Fortune III (Triples the ore drop rates) Silk Touch I(When you break a block, you will get the block, i.e:Wh