How many words are in the Old Testament and New Testament combined?

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773, 682 total words
Depends upon translation or manuscript. 788,280 KJV. Old Testament = Words: 602,585; New Testament = Words: 180,552 Quran 77,701 Arabic words according to one source.
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How many words are in the Old Testament?

The average number of words in the Old Testament is 622,771. Andthis number can vary under different translations or manuscriptsall over the world.

Why is there the Old Testament and New Testament?

This is because there was the time before Christ came to earth and which some of the rules at the Old Testament is followed by Jews and the rules in new testament in which Chr

How many times is the New Testament cited in Old Testament?

Never. The NT was written after the OT. However, if you meant the question the other way around, scholars recognize around 275 direct quotations of the OT in the NT not counti