How much are golden stamps worth?

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Many countries have an "ugly" policy, to made some "replica" in gold of stamp.

Prices depend on market, if someone is selling or buying. From my experience, that is more that 30 yr in philately - I never discovered real collectors market for material like this - but, real price are same like gold alone on market - in this case - it is worth almost nothing. Probably existed few collectors worldwide that collect "gold" stamp - but it must be very small and very specialized collector/s that will actually give You some real prices. Against, it depends on how much people want to spend for something like this "Gold" stamp.
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How much is a golden dollar worth?

Gold - or just Golden? If you have a gold-colored Sacajawea dollar minted since 2000 or apresidential dollar minted since 2007, it is worth one dollar ifyou found it in change. If it's in uncirculated condition or aproof coin in the original mint packaging it might retail for $2 to$4. Ordinary Saca (MORE)

How much is a 1945 stamp worth?

You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the catalogs are well illustrated with lots of (MORE)

How much is the 911 stamp worth?

When the stamps were issued in 2001, they cost 45 cents. They are worth $1.60 each not used. If you have the package of ten unopened, price may run around $25.00 to $30.00

How much are US stamps worth?

You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the catalogs are well illustrated with lots of (MORE)

How much is a golden replica stamp worth?

If the gold has some weight, as in being an actual solid piece of gold rather than just a 'foil' replica, then the gold has some value, at least at market rates. If it is just foil on paper, probably very little, in the neighborhood of a dollar or two, if anyone is interested. Stamp collectors ar (MORE)

How much is an Americana stamp worth?

Various stamps between Scott #s 1581 and 1612 There are a couple dozen varieties and would need to know more about the specific stamp. Most used US postage stamps are worth 15 or 20 cents, the minimum amount required to catalog and stock the stamps. Unused will always be worth at least their face (MORE)

How much are stamps worth?

It depends on if it is rare or not. Also if it is old it could have a higher value. To find out you can either get a book about it or ask pro collectors/clubs

How much is a Jedda stamp worth?

A "Jedda" stamp was part of a set of five 45 cent stamps celebrating the Centenary of Cinema in Australia.. A Mint UnHinged (MUH) stamp on its own would be worth about $3 AUD, the set of five MUH would be about $15 AUD.

How much is a Forever stamp worth?

These are worth the first-class rate, which is now 45 cents. However, if the rate goes up, their value will go up to match -- they will always be worth the first-class rate . That is why they are called "forever" stamps. (6/12)

How much are German stamps worth?

You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research to identify which stamp this is. There are lots of stamps issued and they vary in value from almost nothing to some nice values. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. And there are a number of Germ (MORE)

How much are 1873 stamps worth?

The cheapest it the 3 cent green with Washington on it. It retails for around $1 used if in sound condition and lightly canceled. Unused and with full gum from $70-$100 depending on how well it is centered.

How much are forever stamps worth?

The US forever stamps are worth the cost of one ounce of firstclass postage. The are valid for that use 'forever' or until thepost office changes their mind.

How much are old stamps worth?

In my opinion, 'Old stamps' are stamps that have been issued from about 1850 to 1935. 'Old stamps' range in value from a few pennies to millions of dollars depending on which one you find or have. Don't be fooled there are still tens of thousands of stamps to be found that are worth from $25 i (MORE)

How much is the celebrate stamp worth?

The Celebrate commemorative stamp, available as a Strip of 4 stamps, a Block of 10 stamps, or a Pane of 20 stamps. A sheet of 20 can be purchased for about $8

How much are the E stamps worth?

The E rate stamps were issued in 1988. The first class postage stamp is worth 25 cents. They can still be used for postage within the US for that value..

How much is a H stamp worth?

Stamps with letter denomination values: STAMP VALUE DATE of rate change ====== A 15 cents 5/29/78 B 18 cents 3/22/81 C 20 cents 11/1/81 (!) D 22 cents 2/17/85 E 25 cents 4/3/88 F 29 cents 2/3/91 G 32 cents 1/1/95 H 33 cents 1/10/99 None are particularly scarce except for one (MORE)

How much is a stamp worth?

It depends on what stamp it is. For regular stamps like the ink ones they are like $2 for 5 , but if it is for mail then its about $5. Hope this helps you.

How much are food stamps worth?

After June 17, 2009 paper food stamp (now called SNAP) coupons were no longer accepted by authorized retailers. Now, all SNAP benefits are provided and redeemed via electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. Prior to that time, they were single use US currency and were destroyed after being turned in (MORE)

How much is a 1942 stamp from Bulgaria stamp worth?

Proper valuation of 'Bulgarian stamps' will require a more detailed identification. Consult a postage stamp catalog, Scott's is a standard in the US. It should be available in your local library. It will help you determine the specific stamp and provide a value for you.

How much is a 1980 stamp worth?

It depends on the stamp which you have. Although, to be honest, most stamps issued this recently aren't worth very much. Generally, since there were so many printed, it is used as postage on mail!

How much is a stamp from 1905 worth?

There were many stamps issued in 1905. Therefore, the value heavily depends on the stamp in question. I would recommend to either: a) Visit a local stamp store and they will be more informative as to which stamp it is and the value. b) Visit your local library and take out a book called "Sco (MORE)

A 1943 stamp how much is it worth?

If you are talking about one of the regular issue stamps (i.e. not airmail, revenue, official, etc.), then you aren't looking at anything worth much. Mint - the value wouldn't go very far above the face value. Used - the value wouldn't be much more than a nickel ($0.05) or so.

How much does a 1922 stamp be worth?

The US has issued dozens of stamps in 1922. You will have to completely identify the stamp to find a value. A catalog, available in most libraries can help you determine the value. Chances are a dealer won't purchase a single stamp unless it is worth more than a dollar or two.

How much is a G stamp worth?

There are several stamps that have the label "G", of different values. Several of them have a picture of an American flag, but have different values. None of them have any great value as collectibles.

How much are gold stamps worth?

I hate to tell you, but very little. You can purchase them from a dealer or on eBay for about $2 per cover or even less. They have almost no real gold, such a thin layer that it would take thousands of them to get a measurable amount.

How much are Zeppelin stamps worth?

That depends a great deal on what you mean when referring to Zeppelin stamps. US C-13, C-14 and C-15 - Commonly referred to as "The Zeppelins" can be purchased for around $1,800 for a set mint or used. A dealer might purchase them for 60-75% of that value. US C-18 pictures a Zeppelin type airs (MORE)

How much is an eleven cent stamp worth?

Eleven cents in the United States. To determine if it has additional value, you will need to consult a postage stamp catalog. Check your local library or online catalogs to identify and value your stamp.

1 us stamp is worth how much?

That depends on many factors. A stamp is worth its face value for use as postage. If you have something that is old and is rare, it could be worth some money. Today's First Class postage stamps are 44 cents.

How much are 1966 stamps unused worth?

You can always use them for face value toward postage. The stamps of that era are relatively common. Most can be purchased for around 20 to 30 cents in mint condition. Chances are that a dealer won't give you much for them. Sheets of mint postage stamps are routinly sold for 80 percent of face value (MORE)

How much are stock transfer stamps worth?

Stock Transfer Stamps are called 'Back of the Book' stamps. That is because they are found at the back of the stamp album or catalog. Consult a catalog that includes them. Scott's Specialized US Catalog includes them..

How much are stamps from china worth?

It depends what the stamp's rarity is. It doesn't nessicarily depend on the country. Because if you went to china, there would be tons of Chinese stamps since, well ur in China.

How much is the stamp C10 Lindbergh stamp worth?

In the 2011 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Postage Stamps, the Scott# C10 (issued on June 18,1927 to commemorate Lindbergh's Plane "Spirit of St-Louis" and Flight Route, 10c nominal, dark blue) is valued as follows: Unwatermarked, Perforated 11 Mint Never hinged condition: $13.00 (MORE)

How much is an f stamp worth?

The Flower F stamps has a face value of 29 cents. The Make up price stamp is worth 4 cents. They can be used toward that amount of postage.

How much are commemorative stamps worth?

It depends on a lot of different factors. In addition to knowing what country they are from, what year they are issued and the condition, you have to identify the specific stamp. A catalog on line or in you local library can help you figure out these and find a catalog value.

How much is stamp worth?

The worth of a stamp depends on many factors which could cause a stamp to be worth pennies to hundreds, thousands into a million dollars. Most issues were printed in the 100's of millions of stamps making them worth only pennies. Some of the factors that make a stamp worth more are: . Rarity: Sta (MORE)

How much is a 1940 stamp worth?

That will depend on the specific stamp you have and what country itis from. The condition, cancellations, what it is attached to,watermarks, perforations and even color variations can affect thevalue. You will have to consult a postage stamp catalog to findout.

How much is a Deutschland stamp worth?

Deutschland is simply the German name for Germany. Without knowing the date, condition and face value, it's impossible to value it. You are talking about thousands of stamps. The value would range from completely worthless to thousands of dollars.

How much is a stamp from 1960 worth?

You will have to identify the specific stamp from 1960. Use a stampcatalog to assist, in general the value will be low and most can bepurchased for less than a dollar.

How much is 1830 stamp worth?

There were no stamps in 1830. The first postage stamp wasintroduced in 1840. I suspect you have a date on the stamp relatedto the person or thing it is commemorating.

How much is frank golden worth?

Frank Golden is worth about $1.5 million currently. This fluctuates on a regular basis. Frank Golden is known for participating in the Golden Triangle.

How much is an E stamp worth?

The E stamp shows a picture of the Earth on it. It has a face valueof 25 cents and can still be used for that value.