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How much did food and goods cost in England during World War 2?

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Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food and other goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
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How much did money did World War 2 cost England?

It was roughly worked out in 1990 to have cost $2,091.3 billion dollars which in 1990 exchange rate was about $2 to a £1 which would means it would have cost £1045.65 billio

How much did things cost during World War 2?

During World War II, the cost of living was much lower than it is  today. For instance, gasoline could be purchased for less than 20  cents per gallon, bread was less than 1

What was England like during and after World War 2?

It had been severely damaged by the war, food rationing continued there long after the war was over. World War II had taken its toll on Europe. As stated, England had practice

Type of government in England during world war 2?

  The British political parties worked together in a coalition government from 1940 under Winston Churchill. Members of the cabinet included Conservative, Labour and even

What battles did England fight during World War 2?

Poland      Answer        There is just to many to list, but Germanys first defeat during ww2 was at the hands of the British ad that was The Battle of Britain

What battles did England fight in during world war 2?

They fought in almost every battle along side the Americans and other countries (the Allies). Some more notable ones are the Battle of Britain Operation Market Garden, and D-D

Who supplied food to England in world war 2?

it was the Americans. some food went rotten when the shipping companies went on strike. Like in new york the shipping company went on strike and the eggs went rotten, before t