How much does a kilo of pure cocaine cost?

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Previous answer was useless... This is true values. 100% clean cocaine (no cuts) is said to be "pure", but not neccesarily 100% cocaine. Max purity reaches 89%. To get this stuff, you would have to buy it off a reseller at the boarder of Holland (Belgium, Germany ect.) for 68,000 euros a kilo. if you go below this prices can go up to 75 euros a gram. Prices may go even lower if you buy more or make better deals. Remember it used to be half the price a decade ago. Now this is rare cocaine, but it does exist. UK cocaine is probably the shittiest that exists, and somehow they pay 1/4 the price after they managed to smuggle half of it there. This just shows it is only 1-10% pure. Good luck and be careful! :)
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How much does a kilo of cocaine weigh?

A kilo is a kilo. doesn't matter what substance you're talkingabout. . please do not by cocaine. Cocaine is illegal you'll bearrested if you use it. I don't know but please

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There are 1000 grams in a kilogram, and in the U.S. a gram of cocaine typically sells for $40, $50, $60, or $70, depending on supply and demand. So the answer would be either

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