How much does a plumber charge to install a faucet?

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No less then $390.00 plus tax and materials
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How much does a plumber charge?

as a plumber in the UK i charge £50 for the first hour and £35 an hour after that. Expect to pay more for a corgi gas fitter though....

How much does a plumber charge for copper pipe installation?

That would depend on the diameter of the tubing and the type K,L,M, DWV. ACR or TP and the run and location Above ground ceiling level or is it under ground where trenching and shoring is involved, Who is doing the insulation? . Then how long is the job going to take with the installation of comp (MORE)

What is the average price a plumber charges to install a new toilet?

Toilets are available in a wide variety of styles. Installationprocedures are generally consistent. A new toilet Installation maybe part of a complete bathroom renovation or a necessary repairproject. That depends on your choice for your new toilet. An average low cost- $286.65 An average high cost (MORE)

How much should you charge to install shigles?

Conditions, materials, and worksite will vary, but for a non tear-off, asphalt shingle roof with a few valleys and a pitch under 6/12, a labor charge of $75-$90 per square for non-metro Midwest application is in the ballpark.

Installing a bathroom faucet?

Some faucets may be easy to install while some others may be little tough. In general, just follow 3 main steps: Firstly set the faucet in the right countertop hole. Underneath the countertop, attaching the rubber washer to the faucet, leave a gap toward the back so that it may accommodate a pop-up (MORE)

How much does a plumber charge to hook up an old house to a new sewer tap?

I charge no less then $18,000 for a 4" pipe and more for larger sizes. -- Depending on your location, the industry average could be much less than that. With any luck, you can get competitive bids from a number of plumbers. You can contact a local remodeling contractor who will suggest a figure (MORE)

Can a plumber charge tax on labor?

Not necessarily. They should charge tax on any materials they used, however in most places labor is not taxed. It will depend on your local laws - but usually they should not charge tax on labor provided.

How much do you charge to install carpet?

This depends on what part of the country you are in.. Many of the "big box" retailers have went to flat rate. Currently Home Depot and Lowes will install an entire house for $118. This does not include rip up and haul away of the old carpet or furniture moving. You also must buy carpet and pad.. I (MORE)

How do you install a new tub faucet?

Correction - There is an existing Delta faucet and to change to the Price Pfister, the stem needs to be changed. Being it is under the fiberglass cutout, there needs to be a way to access it. Remove tub or break tile? Unless there is something I am missing.

How do you install a sink faucet?

If you have bought anew one there will be full instructions on the package. - Many are a little different and you haven't said the make

How much to charge to install hardwood floors?

Labor Prices Fees & charges change from town to town, region to region, the best ways I can suggest to find a good range is : Run a short ad in Craigslist, that will likely get you someone hungry & maybe unlicensed so you will know the cheapest price. Then call the local Home Depot or Lowes & a (MORE)

Can you charge out as much for a journeyman as a master plumber?

Many master plumbers send out employees who are not master card holders and still charge the same rate. In locations that do not require an employee to have any type of license ( NYC for example) a Master plumber can hire over 500 employees and charge any rate they want. It is not uncommon for the (MORE)

What is average price plumber to install a new shower faucet?

4 hours @ $175 per hr not including travel time or parts tile replacement performed by others Above is only correct if you need it DONE NOW!! But realistically I would charge about $300.00 if its a simple switch not including the valve. It would take about 1.5 hrs and if its galvanized pipe in a t (MORE)

How much should you pay a plumber to replace faucet cartridge?

Most plumbers have a minimum charge that involves a call out fee and a minimum amount of time. In my area, the minimum is around $85 and that includes the first hour of time. Parts are extra. If it isn't an emergency, you can sometimes negotiate a smaller fee with less control on when they show up. (MORE)

Can you buy a faucet and install it by your self?

You can buy a faucet lots of places and should be able to install it. Most are held on with nuts that screw onto the tubes the supply lines attach to. Most supply lines have shutoff valves on them or you can shut the entire house off. You can usually change one with just a pair of pliers or pliers a (MORE)

What will a plumber charge you to winterize your home?

Most plumbers charge by the hour, and you haven't said anything about the size of your home, where it is, or what exactly you want done. - "Winterize" is just too vague. -Call some local plumbers and get estimates.

What is the average price a plumber charges to install a kitchen sink?

In Los Angeles, to install an owners kitchen sink would be around $200-$400. Now if you want then to install all the features as well the price goes up with each. Faucet, garbage disposal,soap dispenser, air gap, insta hot, filtered water tap. Even if all these are provided by the owner a sink insta (MORE)

How do you install a bath faucet?

"Make sure you have the correct sized faucet and the correct tools. Turn off your water and then remove the existing faucet. Replace it with the new one, making sure it is sealed so that no leaks can occur when you turn your water back on."

How much to have a professional install a kitchen faucet cost?

I do this professionally and tell my clients it will be 1 -2 hours depending on what all is under the sink. Most sensible mountings can be done within one hour, but many sinks also have all kinds of stuff to get around, like carburetors, weird drain pipes and shelves that get in your way.

How are bathroom faucets installed?

Bathroom faucets are installed by pushing the faucet into the hole left by the old faucet. Before doing this, you'll probably want to apply plumber's tape or joint compound on the threads of the faucet stems and also apply caulk. Then you connect your water supply lines to the faucet stems and apply (MORE)

How much is usually charged for plumber work?

The cost for a plumber usually depends on the type of work that needs to be undertaken and what plumbing company it is, after research one could say a plumber would cost around $89 an hour.

How can one install an automatic faucet?

For the best information on how to install an automatic faucet it is recommended that one uses the website YouTube and watch training videos on proper methods, tools and techniques that are used to install an automatic faucet.