How much paper can one tree produce?

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According to the Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), and the American Forest & Paper Association only about one-third of the fiber used to make paper in the U.S. is from whole trees. only trees smaller than 8 inches in diameter, or larger trees not suitable for solid wood products, typically are harvested for paper making. The remaining two-thirds is made up of residue (wood chips and scraps left behind from forest and sawmill operations), and recovered (recycled) paper.

Assume that the paper in question is typical 20lb copy paper, and it has been produced using 100 percent hardwood, measured in cords. A cord of wood is approximately 8 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 4 feet high and weighs roughly 2 tons (15-20% water weight). It has been estimated that one cord of this wood will yield an average of 1,500 pounds of paper (300 reams).

According to the Kansas green teams website, it takes 17 trees to produce one ton of paper (no detail in this article).
According to the Trinity College in Western Australia, it takes 17 x 20 year old trees to produce 1 ton of paper. This suggests that 1 tree is equal to 22.62 reams @ 2.6 KG of the A4 80gsm copy paper.
According to the timber corporation agribusiness Investment Managers (who are encouraging landholders to plant blue gum eucalyptus trees as an investment) you can achieve 45 reams of A4 paper from a blue gum after 10 years.
A popular Paper Calculator suggests that one tree equals 14 reams of paper. To confirm this place 10 reams a week into the calculator and this equals 520 reams a year for which the calculator requires 37 trees. Their interest is to stop tree felling.
WHO KNOWS how many A4 80 GSM 500 sheet reams of paper to the "average" tree... I would suggest it depends upon the trees in question in relation to their size and paper producing qualities. The answer appears to be somewhere between 16 and 22 reams of A4 80 gsm paper per tree. How many average trees to one cord of paper producing timber as mentioned above is another interesting question.
In other words; 8,350 sheets per tree.
it depends on wha ttree you are talking about. if you say a pine tree then about 1000 pages can be made, but if it is a redwood tree than about 900000 ca nbe made since they r da biggest trees i nda world
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How much paper does one tree make?

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